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Warehouse storage space - designing your most efficient solution, free of charge

Our team has extensive experience in designing multifaceted warehouse storage systems for clients of many sectors.


With our dedicated CAD drawing and estimating department, we will help you determine which optimum warehouse storage solution best fits your requirements, producing exemplary warehouse layouts. 


Having provided warehouse storage solutions for over 13 years, we will first develop an understanding of your warehouse infrastructure and overall logistics operation by conducting a warehouse storage appraisal. 

We will then design the most effective warehouse storage space solution for your business. 


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The warehouse storage appraisal investigates: 

  • Warehouse space

  • Pallet and product types

  • Current  pallet racking &  warehouse shelving

  • Product selectivity

  • Picking rates

  • Available investment

Creating the right warehouse storage space for you


Planning and designing the right warehouse storage space solution is much more than maximising pallet capacity.

As your warehouse is a crucial part of your business supply chain, why not use SEC's warehouse space planning expertise
to determine the most operationally efficient and cost effective layout for your warehouse?

Warehouse Storage & Space Planning - Invest in the right Storage Solution


Investing in the right warehouse storage solution really is vital – your business depends upon it. 


By planning and devising the right warehouse space and storage solution for you, all elements of your project will be documented, enabling specifications and quotations to be provided.


If you'd like to see how we can help you invest in the right storage solution, please do get in touch with us via the form below and we will come back to you with a suitable meeting date!

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Warehouse Storage, Space Planning & Layouts - Hertfordshire London UK

Warehouse storage space - designing your most efficient solution, free of charge


Your storage system will need to work intrinsically with your mechanical handling equipment (MHE) on site, so we will liaise with your chosen supplier to determine the warehouse aisle widths and other variables that can limit the operation of forklift trucks and order pickers. Using our experience in warehouse interior fit outs we will design and optimise the most appropriate electrical & lighting layout and make considerations for fire detection and sprinkler systems. If a multitier picking structure is deemed to be the right solution for you, we can ensure compliance under Local Authority planning, building control, CDM and DDA/Equality.

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