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We provide fully-integrated, complete warehouse solutions

The SEC Storage Systems Division understands that warehouses now play a pivotal role in the logistics industry and are a key component of your competitive advantage, enabling you to offer outstanding customer service by servitising the products you sell. 


Through a combination of operational analytics, simulation capabilities and industry experience, our Systems Division has created award-winning solutions for a broad range of clients throughout the UK just like yours.


Originally formed in 1998 as a distributor of warehouse storage systems, SEC Storage has grown and evolved with the logistics industry, refining its approach to become a leading, independent provider of complete warehouse solutions with a turnover in excess of £12,000,000.


Find out more about our Systems Division below...

Why is our Systems Division different?


Turnkey Provider

1. Turnkey Provider


At SEC we are extremely proud of the incredible supply network we have built. Our partners consistently add value by contributing specialist expertise on over 75 products. 


This carefully protected network means that we are uniquely positioned to design, supply and install every aspect of your warehouse design.  From the racking to the lighting, the conveyors to the CCTV system or even the Warehouse Management System.


We provide fully integrated,
complete warehouse solutions.


Independent supply chain

2. Independent Supply Chain


We have extremely strong relationships with all our key suppliers. This means that we can offer expertise, knowledge and extremely competitive pricing on all of the products we sell without manufacturing them in house.


We do not manufacture as doing so would sacrifice the independence of our solutions. Our priority is to our customers' requirements, not our factories.


With an independent supply chain, we are free to provide the right solution for you free from vested interest.


Intelligent design

3. Intelligent Design


Intelligent design is the cornerstone of everything we do. At SEC, we have built a diverse team of skilled individuals that enables us to provide modern, forward-thinking, exceptional solutions.


Our designs are further enhanced by our fundamental belief that data analysis and simulation techniques can help inform our design decisions and, therefore, we invest significant amounts of time in analysing your requirements and business data in detail, in order to provide truly intelligent solutions.


Thought leadership

4. Thought Leadership


Over the past two decades, we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge and experience of the logistics and warehousing industry.


We’ve built an incredible team of designers, analysts and industry experts that are deeply connected to the industry and its evolution.


Consequently, we have become thought leaders in warehouse design; something evidenced by the numerous national awards we have won over the last few years and our regular contribution to industry discourse through trade-bodies and the press.


After sales service

5. After-Sales Service

Although we identify as a Projects Business, truthfully this doesn’t fully do justice to our approach when it comes to our projects.


We fundamentally believe that to be successful, a warehouse operation must continue to evolve and improve as time goes by and ensure it continues to support the business's strategic objectives.


This is why we work alongside our clients well beyond practical completion and put every project through our (completely free) solution optimisation process.

The team behind the SEC Storage Systems Division...

Harry Watts Exec MSc, CMILT, cESLog
Commercial Director


Harry Watts - Commercial Director of SEC Storage Systems Division


With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a masters degree in Logistics from Cranfield University, Harry Watts is at the forefront of data analysis and simulation, enabling SEC Storage to provide intelligent, flexible and data-driven solutions for its clients.

Gary Kirk
Sales Director


Gary Kirk - Sales Director of SEC Storage Systems Division


With over 30 years working on warehouse storage system designs, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having seen the industry evolve from a maximum pallet capacity ethos to warehouses playing a pivotal role in an organisations competitive advantage.

Our 9-step design process...

Requirements Gathering

Step 1 - Requirements Gathering

The first step of our process is to meet face-to-face to discuss your requirements and begin the process of establishing a project brief.


At this stage, we want to get to know your business and operation in more detail and also, why you’ve engaged with SEC and what your ultimate objectives are for the project.


Before continuing, we will introduce our approach, how we work alongside our clients and establish the route that you feel best suits your requirements.

Data Gathering

Step 2 - Data Gathering

The next stage is for us to begin arguably, the most important part of the process: The data gathering and analysis stage.


We will first provide you with our Data Request that will ask for Volumetric, Goods In and Order-Profile Data. Shortly after, we will arrange a Site Walk for our Operations Analyst; at this appointment our Analyst will try to gain a detailed understanding of your operation and will walk you through the information we require, the reasons we need it and assist in helping to establish data capture methods.


Not every business has access to hoards of high quality data, however, we will work closely alongside you in order to get as high a quality data as possible that will be utilised extensively to inform our design decisions.

Design Production

Step 3 - Design Production

With your operational and throughput data to hand we will now be able to begin the design process by carrying out extensive statistical analysis that is designed to provide high-quality information that will inform our decision making.


Armed with this information, the project team, consisting of the project sales director, operations analyst, projects designer and suppliers will work together to form an initial concept layout.


The layout will be drawn into a working discussion document before being represented to the Projects Team for further development. The team will continue to develop the design until there is a unanimous belief that the solution is the right one.

Design Optimisation

Step 4 - Design Optimisation

With the initial concept design produced, the next phase is for us to subject the design to rigorous testing and further analysis.


A combination of relevent techniques including simulation, through-put analysis and hot-spot testing allow us to pressure test the solution to ensure that it truly achieves the original project brief. Amendments, tweaks and continual improvements are made until such time the project is signed off as ‘client-ready’.


We are now in a position to start calculating the operational improvements and return on investment opportunities that the solution offers, ready to present to you.


At SEC we have one desire when embarking on a new project: to provide our customers with a world-class warehouse solution.

Presentation & Sign-Off

Step 5 - Presentation & Sign-Off

It is only now that we are ready to submit the design back to our clients. At this stage, we will present not only the solution but also relevent analysis and expected operational performance levels.


Hopefully, the design meets all of your expectations, however, we know that our clients know their business better than anyone and this is generally a point of collaboration where we combine our knowledge and experience of warehouse design with your deep understanding of your business and market requirements.


Ultimately, at this stage we work together until you are completely happy and the solution can be ‘signed-off’.

Specification & Quotation

Step 6 - Specification & Quotation

With a completed design, we can now produce a detailed specification of works and quotation for your consideration.


At SEC, we know that Return on Investment (ROI) is often the most important consideration for our clients. Consequently, throughout the design process we always have this at the forefront of our mind and only incorporate justifiable expenditure into our solutions.


In general, our solutions offer a full-return on investment within 1-3 years depending on the type of operation.


All of our products are sourced from within our carefully selected, independent supplier network, and, consequently, are able to select only the best-suited options.

Order Placement

Step 7 - Order Placement

We are confident that after seeing the value that we offer throughout the design process that you would not want to work with anyone else.


However, at this stage, if there is anything we can do to help you make your decision we would be only too happy to help.


Perhaps you would like to visit one of numerous award-winning sites, or speak to some previous customers of ours about their on-site experience? Maybe you would like assistance in establishing a move management strategy?


Whatever it is, we would be only too happy to help, and when you are ready to push the button we simply require a signed instruction to proceed and we will get to work.

Project Delivery

Step 8 - Project Delivery

Our favourite step of the process, the delivery phase is when our design becomes a reality.


At this stage, you will be introduced to the project delivery team which consists of a Senior Projects Manager, a Projects Coordinator and Installations Manager. This team will be responsible for walking you through every step of turning our design into a fully functioning facility.


Quality Control and Health & Safety are of the utmost importance to SEC, and, consequently, we fully control our installation process by employing our own teams of SafeContractor, CHAS and SEIRS accreditated installers - something unique in the industry - that are dedicated to delivering a world-class installation. This is in addition to a full time Health and Safety Manager.

Solution Optimisation

Step 9 - Solution Optimisation

Once your project has been completed on-site, the process doesn’t end. To turn a world-class design into an industry leading operation requires a process of continual improvement, optimisation and expertise that we are committed to providing.


As the project nears its close, we will embark on our solution optimisation process, in which we will work collaboratively to ensure that everything works perfectly.


Could we implement a predictive maintenance program to prevent future downtime? Or perhaps we simply need a few extra power outlets in the site office.


Whatever the requirement, we will support you, committed to ensuring your operation reaches its potential.

Projects the Systems Division have delivered...

The Design Routes...


At SEC we have one desire when embarking on a new project: to provide our customers with a world-class warehouse solution. However, to do so requires a large investment of time, resource and expertise that is expensive to maintain.


Despite this, since we are confident that you will want to work with us, we are happy to take the risk and provide these services for free. In return, we insist on just one thing: simply, that our designs remain our intellectual property and cannot be shared without our consent.


Consequently, we provide two options for working alongside us...

Route 1 - Free Consultancy

In this route you receive the full SEC design consultancy service for free, with no obligation or risk.


In exchange, we simply ask that a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, that ultimately means our designs remain our intellectual property and cannot be shared with any third parties or competitors.


If you don’t like what we produce, or don’t wish to proceed with the project for any reason, then we simply shake hands and part ways. It doesn’t happen very often, though!


Price: FREE 

Route 2 - Market Test

If you would prefer to own the designs we produce then we offer an alternative, fee-based consultancy route.


In this route, we will carry out the full SEC design consultancy service exactly as described and will produce detailed design drawings, specifications and a quotation that will become your property upon completion.


These can then be tendered out to the market to test our pricing, and if you stick with SEC Storage, we’ll waive the entire consultancy fee!


Price: POA

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