Mobile Warehouse Shelving Storage Systems and  Installation

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How does Mobile Shelving work?


Mobile Shelving provides high density storage and is an ideal solution when floor space is at a premium. It reduces the need for fixed aisles yet retains full accessibility to all stored products.


This is made possible by condensing the shelves together and creating a movable access aisle. The shelving is mounted on bases which move along tracks fitted to the floor. These mobile bases can be fitted to suit any type of system including longspan, small parts and document shelving.


There are a variety of options to consider when choosing mobile shelving including how the shelves are actually moved into position; they can be controlled either by mechanical assist which involves the operator turning a spoked handle or automatically by the push of a button.


As with all our industrial shelving systems every design is bespoke in order that it can be configured to the requirements of each individual business.

Mobile Shelving Storage Systems & Installation - Hertfordshire London UK

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