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How does longspan shelving  work?


Longspan shelving provides versatile, adjustable storage for a wide range of manually loaded goods. It can be configured to fit any available space, and can also be built to provide high-level storage, or as part of a multi-tier system.


It is available in a wide range of widths and depths enabling it to be custom built to suit the user’s needs. Usually, shelves are made of chipboard, but other materials including timber and steel can be used depending on what is going to be stored on them. It can be designed to support a range of weights making it ideal for the bulk storage of heavier items.


Medium and long span bays can be combined in the same rack to provide optimum storage for different-sized items. The system can be easily adjusted, so that heights and configurations can be changed as and when required.


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Longspan shelving system with chipboard decking

What is longspan shelving commonly used for?


Longspan shelving is very common in warehouse applications for storing cartons or smaller items. It is mainly used when manual handling is required, and when lighter duty shelving systems are not sufficient for the task at hand. In particular, you will commonly find longspan utilised for manual picking operations, including parts storage, storerooms, packing areas, and due to its versatility, in a number of other operational setups across the industry.


Adjustable pallet racking systems can also be configured to store goods upon the beam levels, though in order to do this they will require some form of decking. There are a number of options available to choose from, including chipboard decking, timber decking, mesh decking or notched steel decking. Take a look at our Guide to...Warehouse Decking to find out more.

Longspan shelving system

Longspan shelving system applications:


Standard – Single or double-faced runs for 100% accessibility of all goods

Carton Flow – A configuration fitted with ‘dynamic’ roller beds installed onto the beams which carry cartons and ‘flow’ to the front of the rack

Mobile – Installed onto mobile ‘carriages’, allowing the entire run to be moved. Enables very dense storage and 100% accessibility, however, it is very slow to operate and there are limitations on design

Tyre Storage – Longspan can be specially adapted with rounded beams to accommodate the storage of tyres

Hanging Garment – Tubular beams can be used to enable longspan to store hanging garments

Multi-Tier – A configuration which has been modified to include ‘floor-beams’, enabling the addition of walkways between the racks to create multiple tiers

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