SEMA Approved Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

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Warehouse and racking safety


Legislation dictates that your warehouse pallet racking and shelving should have regular safety inspections. These inspections could help fulfil your obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998. 


SEC Storage can help you with all aspects of warehouse and racking safety. We provide pallet racking inspections including HSE advised inspections from an independent SEMA Approved Rack Inspector in addition to warehouse racking repairs


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Pallet Rack Inspections & Surveys

Pallet racking and  storage - Health and Safety Law


Inspect racking regularly to make sure it is repaired and maintained properly and is safe. You should use three types of inspection:


  • Immediate reporting of damage & defects;
  • Visual inspections at regular intervals;
  • 'Expert' inspections carried out at intervals by a competent person.


Source: Health & Safety Executive 'Warehouse & Storage: Keeping it safe' (INDG412)



Three types of Pallet Racking Inspection


To ensure that a racking installation continues to be serviceable and safe, the storage equipment should be inspected on regular basis. The frequency of your racking safety inspections depends on a variety of factors that are particular to the site concerned and should be determined by a nominated 'person responsible for rack safety' (PRRS) to suit the operating conditions of the warehouse.


This will take into account the warehouse, the equipment used and personnel involved, all of which could damage the structure. The inspection follows a hierarchical approach using several levels of inspection:

Immediate Reporting As soon as a safety problem or damage is observed by any employee, it should immediately be reported to the PRRS. You should have systems in place for reporting damage and defects. Employees should receive training, information and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system, including the parts affecting their safety and safety of others.


Visual Inspections The PRRS should ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on risk assessment. A formal written record should be maintained.


'Expert' Inspections A technical competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months. A written report should be submitted to the PRRS with observations and proposals for any action necessary. A technically competent person might be a trained specialist within an organisation, a specialist from the rack supplier, or an independent qualified rack inspector.


Source: Health & Safety Executive 'Warehouse and storage. A guide to health and safety' (HSG76)

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Storage System Types

Ambient or Temperature Controlled Environment

*Prices vary based on the amount of pallet positions, type of racking, and whether your racking is based in a temperature controlled environment or not. There may be an additional charge depending on geographical location.
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