Narrow Aisle  Racking Systems (VNA)

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How do Narrow Aisle Racking Systems work?


A Very Narrow Aisle Racking System provides an efficient use of space and is ideal for warehouses where space is at a premium.

It offers the same flexibility as a wide aisle system but significantly increases storage capacity by reducing the aisle widths by up to 50%.

Specialist trucks are required to access the system and as they do not turn in the aisles they require a guide rail or wire guidance system. This has the advantage of minimising the risk of damage, resulting in lower maintenance and also means the floor is kept clear of obstructions.

Narrow aisle racking systems allow for 100% accessibility to every pallet which ensures good stock rotation.

Pallets can be stored to a greater height than in many other storage systems ensuring maximum use of cubic space.

Narrow aisle (vna) pallet racking systems

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