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Why choose a pallet shuttle system?


Warehouse shuttle systems offer a perfect solution for those who are looking to maximise warehouse footprint whilst achieving maximum pallet capacity.


  • A shuttle system also minimises the level of contact a forklift truck driver would usually have with a more common system such as a drive-in racking installation, as in this scenario the driver only has to load the pallet onto the shuttle which is then directly transported into the racking structure.


  • This semi-automated solution can also offer further time efficiency gains, as it allows warehouse operatives to begin retrieving the next available pallet as soon as the current one has been dropped onto the shuttle; time that would have been otherwise wasted.


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A warehouse shuttle system installed by SEC Storage

How does a pallet shuttle system work?

In a pallet shuttle system, the handling of goods occurs within the racking lanes and is carried out using a remote-controlled pallet shuttle. Standard materials handling equipment is used to handle pallets outside of the rack and is also used to transfer the shuttle from one lane to another.
  • The pallets are placed on a pallet shuttle which runs off of rechargeable batteries and also contains diagnosis software for troubleshooting issues - ensuring maximum up-time.
  • The system works on either a FIFO (first-in-last-out) or LIFO (last-in-first-out) basis, so it is important to understand if this system is right for your storage operation.
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Pallet shuttle system - high density storage

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