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Why choose a dynamic racking solution over a standard one?


Standardised pallet racking systems have a lot of pros; they offer an affordable storage solution and are easily installed. They do however have limitations! If your warehouse is at full capacity, a standardised storage solution may not be able to give you any added value. That's where a dynamic system comes into play. We offer both manual handled dynamic systems, and semi-automated storage solutions - such as a pallet shuttle system - and if that doesn't work, we can always look to maximise your warehouse space by going up! 


A dynamic racking solution may seem costly on the face of it, but when you factor in the expense of warehouse expansion or worse, relocation, then a dynamic system could end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Dynamic push-back pallet racking


One of the most effective types of pallet racking systems, dynamic push-back racking enables pallets to be stored over four deep. Pallets are placed in the front position and subsequent pallets are then added by 'pushing back' the front pallet.


To retrieve the pallets the procedure is reversed with the pallets returning to the picking face under gravity (due to the slightly sloped storage lanes).

This system makes excellent use of cubic and floor space and has the benefit of being accessible using most types of handling truck.

Stock rotation is based upon the last-in-first-out principle (LIFO) and as each product has a dedicated lane it is ideal for load marshalling. Push-back warehouse racking is ideal for storing medium turnover products and is an excellent solution for those looking to make the best use of space and time.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our project for Domino's Pizza. 

Mobile racking systems
Pallet live storage systems

Pallet live systems


A pallet live system is able to achieve some of the densest forms of storage with a guaranteed stock rotation.


Working on a (FIFO) first-in-first-out basis, the pallets are stored in a block system. The system requires separate aisles for input and output operations, and the system is accessible using most types of forklift trucks.

The pallets are loaded at one side onto lanes of sloping rollers which are set at a fixed gradient. They then roll forward under gravity to be retrieved at the picking face. When a pallet is removed the next pallet rolls into position, making excellent use of the available space.


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Mobile racking systems


Mobile racking is an excellent option when floor space is at a premium. It looks and operates like standard racking, but is mounted on mobile bases, so the structure moves left to right, condensing the aisles


This provides high-density storage as aisles do not need to be open. Essentially, once the racking is loaded, the aisle width can be reduced to nothing, with one aisle left open. The bases are mounted on rails and are operated electronically via a control panel or remote control. The system ensures 100% pallet selectivity at all times.


Mobile racking is an ideal solution for products which require specific storage conditions, such as refrigeration or deep-freeze, where it is important to make optimal use of every cubic metre of temperature-controlled air. Rack rows can be moved individually or, to save time, as a complete block.


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Dynamic mobile pallet racking system
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Finding the right solution for your operation


Choosing the right solution for your warehouse operation can be tricky. There are various options available to you and it's easy to get lost!


SEC Storage offer a no obligation, complimentary warehouse and product appraisal service. Our storage consultants will visit your site, analyse how you and your team operate and recommend the best solution for your operation moving forward. 


Our award-winning solutions have helped clients' to triple their existing space; increase materials picking speeds by over 300% and much more. So you can rest assured that if you decide to partner with us, your project will be in the safest of hands - from start to finish.

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