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How do double deep racking systems work?


This pallet racking system increases the amount of storage space by literally storing pallets two deep. The pallets are accessed from one aisle thereby reducing by up to half the number of aisles required.

A deep reach lift truck with either dual pantograph or slide fork attachments - is required to place a pallet at the back and another is then placed in front of it.

It is therefore ideal for bulk storage of identical products and high turnover stock. To reduce the risk of damage the higher storage levels can be fitted with guide rails to help operators locate pallets.

Although selectivity is reduced it is a great solution for maximising storage space and is a relatively low-cost option.

Double deep pallet racking systems

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"We contacted SEC following an uninspiring performance from two alternative suppliers. We have limited experience in installations of this size so we were heavily reliant on our chosen supplier to help us design and deliver an appropriate solution.


During the design phase SEC identified a storage solution which had not been offered to us previously and one which allowed us to store many more pallets than we had expected (a very welcome surprise). I quickly ascertained that SEC was a capable and well run business and one which could deliver exactly what we needed."


Carl Gough, Managing Director of Special Wear UK Ltd

Double deep pallet racking systems

Advantages of a double deep racking system:


  • Enhanced Storage Capacity - A double deep setup can increase pallet storage count by up to 15%. 
  • Cost Effective Storage - The system can be easily relocated and adapted from a single deep storage setup. It is ideal for high density strorage and high turnover stock.
  • Full Use of the Cube -  Eliminates unneeded aisles and increases floor space utilisation by up to 50%.

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