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Cantilever racking systems


Cantilever racking is an extremely versatile form of storage for long or awkward items such as pipes, steel or timber. If you know what cantilever racking you require.

Products are supported across two or more arms and can therefore be stored loose, on pallets or wrapped. By fitting decks across runs of cantilever arms it is possible to create extra wide shelves to suit loads of varying lengths.

Cantilever systems are available in light and heavy duty finishes to suit individual applications. The heavy duty version can carry up to 5 tonnes per arm and over 30 tonnes per upright. It is available up to 10 metres high.

Cantilever pallet racking gives users a great deal of flexibility and can be tailored to fit a variety of products of different shapes and sizes.

Cantilever racking systems

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"We were delighted with the way SEC took the time to understand our business and offer a solution which exactly met our needs. They also made sure that when they installed the racks their own installers worked in a way which minimised the impact on our operation"


Stuart John, Production Manager at Payne Worldwide

Advantages of a cantilever racking system:


  • Versatile Storage - A cantilever racking system is ideal for long product types i.e. timber / metal lengths, pipes, building materials, etc.
  • Bespoke Design - A cantilever racking system can be tailored to your exact requirements, and it can also be mounted on a mobile base in order to create an automated storage solution. Take a look at our YouTube video to see this in action.
  • Light and Heavy Duty Options - The system is available for the storage of a wide variety of products.

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