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Pallet racking accessories can range from simple labels and signs to identify your racking to fully installed and custom designed upright protection systems such as column guards, to help keep your racking safe.


As part of our pallet racking system and warehouse storage solutions, SEC Storage are able to supply a full range of pallet racking accessories for your warehouse. With so many different types of labels, column guards, barriers and other racking system accessories, we have displayed below some of the most popular, to help keep things simple. 


We can help you get the right accessory solution for your storage, whether it is a pallet racking, shelving or a mezzanine floor system. Get a free quote!

Column and upright guards for pallet racking system protection

Column guards and  upright protection


Column and upright guards are an added form of protection for your pallet racking system. They are avalable to suit all storage systems, from pallet racking to longspan shelving and mezzanine floors.


The more robust solutions are floor mounted steel column guards, either 2 or 3 sided. Other solutions include clip-on foam insert Rack Armour and velcro style Rack Sentry guards.


All of which are available from SEC Storage, whether you require 1 or 1,000.  You can find out more in our Guide to...Racking Upright Protection

Warehouse barriers


Warehouse end of rack barriers are the ideal solution for protecting racking in high traffic volume areas such as pallet racking transfer aisles, bridging bays and in the busy loading and unloading area.


Made from highly durable, tough steel, they can be manufacturered in a range of bespoke sizes in a vast array of styles, from Armco style, to tubular and square.


These warehouse rack barriers truly help prevent damage to your racking systems in busy areas. 

Warehouse rack barriers preventing damage to your racking systems
Complete racking label and sign solution for your racking systems

Racking labels and  signs


Identifying what products are stored where in your pallet racking systems is important for the efficiency of your warehouse. Furthermore, your warehouse management systems may require barcoding and scanning of items when stored or picked.


We can help provide a complete racking label and sign solution for your racking systems to help identify and segregate all SKUs within your warehouse.


Whether self-adhesive, magnetic, aisle markers or floor markers, we can help keep your warehouse organised and safe. 

RackNets™  safety netting and   anti-collapse mesh 


Warehouses are dangerous working environments, particularly with high bay racking systems and lots of operations activity. If you have racking systems that back on to walkways, mezzannine floors or offices you should consider anti-collapse mesh or safety netting.


Made from either high tensile steel or highly durable, tested and certified netting, this product prevents products, including pallets, from falling from your racking systems.


Cost-effective; this safety system is compatible with all racking systems and can be utilised for mezzanine floor hand-rails too! 

High tensile steel or highly durable, tested and certified safety netting
Timber decking for pallet racking systems

Timber decking for pallet  racking


Timber decking when mounted to your pallet racking allows for the storage of all types and sizes of pallets. The decks are custom designed and manufactured to meet the end users operational requirements, and the decking is very easy to install.


There are two options to choose from: open boarded or closed, depending on your system requirements and storage needs. Timber decks are also extremely useful for converting pallet racking systems into shelving for the storage of boxed items and small parts picking operations - creating a shelf level the entire width and depth of your racking system.


This cost-effective accessory is a must have for those looking to maximise the potential of their racking systems. Find out more in our Guide to...Warehouse Decking.

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