Garment Hanging Racking Systems

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Efficient storage &
picking of hanging garments


Designed for use by fashion retailers and distributors this multi-tier racking systems allow for the efficient storage and picking of hanging garments.


The system is designed on several levels to enhance its cubic capacity. It has walkways for pedestrian access meaning that garments can be hung on several different levels. The walkways allow for ease of access to all products making picking and packing fast and effective.


Depending on the lift limitations, standard trucks can be used to service the upper levels and each floor can be designed to accommodate a pallet truck. It is also possible to incorporate a goods lift or conveyor.


Structures of this type require Building Regulations approval which cover, amongst other things, fire protection and means of escape.


  • Enhanced cubic capacity
  • Access to all storage locations
  • Ideal for picking and packing operations
  • Floors can be designed for pallet trucks
Garment hanging racking systems
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