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Floor mounted and overhead conveyors


To improve the efficiency of your warehouse operation, particularly if it is spread across multiple floors, it may prove cost effective to install either a floor mounted or overhead conveyor system.


SEC are able to offer a full evaluation and design service, as well as supplying and installing systems, from basic gravity spirals to multi-floor powered, fully integrated picking and despatch solutions.


Conveyor controls can be incorporated into existing WMS (warehouse management systems), or they can be designed to function with stand-alone intelligence.

Warehouse conveyor systems - design and installation

Why should you choose a warehouse conveyor system?


Warehouse conveyor systems are a great solution for those who have busy warehouses with high stock turnover. An intelligently designed conveyor system, coupled with spiral chutes can help to speed up operational productivity, reducing operative's travel time; moving product safely across various floors and a whole lot more... 


Take a look at our UKWA, 'Technical Innovation' award winning project for ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd), which saw us develop a warehouse multi-tier solution, complete with conveyors, chutes, and an intelligent picking system designed to fulfill client demand for next day delivery.

Warehouse conveyor system

Advantages of a warehouse conveyor system:


  • Increased Productivity - A dedicated conveyor system can help to reduce personnel and forklift truck movements, giving you the opportunity to redeploy your operatives to other areas of the warehouse.
  • Operational Benefits - Faster transit of product and further reductions in pick, pack and despatch times, resulting in higher volumes of product output.
  • Safe Movement of Goods - Products can be safely moved from the upper floors using spiral / gravity chutes.
  • Automation - Automated processes can be built into the system, such as weight checking, box sealing, etc.
  • Direct Connectivity - An automated conveyor system can be connected to your existing WMS (warehouse management software), providing a constant feed to and from your packaging area.

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