Warehouse Intelligence


Innovative Solutions Through Warehouse Intelligence


At SEC Storage we continually strive to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions for our customers. To achieve this - and what sets us apart in the market - is that we have invested heavily in designing and implementing bespoke data analysis tools which clearly demonstrate how the proposed solution will deliver the optimum results.


We have adapted our supply capability to complement traditional storage equipment with modern, affordable, intelligent warehouse technologies such as collaborative robotics and artificially intelligent systems. Additionally, we've invested in a suite of AI tools that we use to run our operations and analyse our clients' data to produce innovative, award-winning warehouse designs.

Data Driven Design Innovation


For each customer we have a dedicated process of data gathering and solution delivery:

-       Requirements gathering through onsite workshops to clearly define the project from a strategic perspective and outline the key requirements


-       Detailed data analysis using information on current throughputs, hit rates, pick requirements, plans for increase or diversification of products etc.


-       Conceptual modelling with operational and throughput data to hand, we can begin our extensive statistical analysis that is designed to provide high-quality data that will inform our decision making and enable us to begin mapping out the most likely solution


-       Engineered design stage where we often introduce a digital twin of our proposed operation, so that we can clearly demonstrate how our solution could operate and the results it could generate, such as increased pick rates, storage capacity etc.


-       Specification document where we create a firm design and costings based on the above data analysis and processes.


To find out more how SEC Storage could improve your production and storage facility through the combined use of data analysis and industry expertise, get in touch today.


Meet the team...


Gary Kirk
Sales Director


Gary Kirk - Sales Director of SEC Storage Systems Division


With over 30 years working on warehouse storage system designs, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having seen the industry evolve from a maximum pallet capacity ethos to warehouses playing a pivotal role in an organisations competitive advantage.

Harry Watts Exec MSc, CMILT, cESLog
Commercial Director


Harry Watts - Commercial Director of SEC Storage Systems Division


With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a masters degree in Logistics from Cranfield University, Harry Watts is at the forefront of data analysis and simulation, enabling SEC Storage to provide intelligent, flexible and data-driven solutions for its clients.

Daniel Rimes
Operations Analyst


Harry Watts - Commercial Director of SEC Storage Systems Division


Daniel Rimes is our Operations Data Analyst whose role it is to provide essential insight using a number of advanced analytics tools, unique to SEC Storage, to ensure our solutions meet our customers’ exacting requirements.

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