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Staff Breakout Areas & Boosting Morale...

For you we can create comfortable, relaxing and durable staff areas for lunch times and breaks. Newly installed staff breakout & co-working areas can boost staff morale, enabling your employees to get away from their everyday distractions and emails in order to focus on key activities, like having a quick break from that stressful task.


Stylish and inviting staff breakout areas are now an integral part of modern office design, as they help keep staff motivatived and enthused. Furthermore, they're often used as co-working spaces, further increasing productivity.


Studies have shown businesses that incorporate co-working and breakout spaces have increased productivity, as staff are less likely to vacate the building for a lunch break, keeping everyone together. They naturally discuss work activities and ideas.

Breakout spaces: what our customer thinks...

"...the flexibility of the workspaces available gives the team ample space and opportunity to have impromptu meetings, calls and demonstrations in adaptable spaces. As someone who regularly greets visitors into our studio, I have heard a countless number of compliments on the design, style and atmosphere created by our new space. Having seen the studio prior to its transformation, in a state of complete disrepair, I am astounded by the beautiful working space that has been designed and produced."

- Natalie White, Studio Manager at REWIND

Breakout Spaces: Know Your Obligations

A colourful and inviting breakout space can be the difference between having a team of socially active and motivated employees, or a team that disperses for the lunch time rush. But, a breakout space can be so much more than just a social area!


Our blog guide: Breakout Spaces in the Workplace: Law, Necessity or Business Strategy? goes into great detail about the legal obligations you have to your employees regarding food and break facilities, including research from organisation: Healthy Working Lives | NHS.


It also goes into further detail about how an effective breakout space can help to promote employee well-being, productivity and more. This blog guide offers a great starting point for finding out all you need to know about breakout spaces in an office environment, especially if you are at the research phase and are looking for ideas on furniture, styling and general advice. Find out more.


11 Feb
Breakout Spaces in the Workplace: Law, Necessity or Business Strategy?
SEC London, Hertfordshire

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