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How does a Small Parts & Picking Racking System work?


Multi-tier racking & shelving systems not only make optimum use of the warehouses cubic space but they are also designed with walkways for pedestrian access, so are ideal for small parts and picking operations.

This means that thousands of small products can be stored and picked on multiple levels. This ease of access to all products and the high density storage make multi-tier racking systems a particularly good solution for fashion retailers and online/eCommerce retailers.

Depending on the lift height limitations, standard forklift trucks can be used to service the upper levels and each floor can be designed to accommodate a pallet racking truck. It is also possible to incorporate a goods lift or conveyor within the structure too.

Small parts picking - warehouse systems

Small Parts & Picking Multi-Tier Racking Systems at a Glance:


  • Enhanced cubic capacity - maximise the height of your building!
  • Access to all storage locations - either fixed shelves or carton live dynamic shelving
  • Ideal for picking and packing operations for eCommerce and online retailers
  • Ideal for garment hanging with the conversion of shelving into garment rails
  • Floors can be designed for pallet trucks and trolleys
  • Access via traditional pallet gates, lifts or conveyors

Looking for More Information?


Then check out our guide which covers:


  • The pros and cons of multi-tier systems
  • The types of products that the system is most suited to (along with what you can't store)
  • Examples of some of our best multi-tier project solutions for a range of clients
  • And the various types of accessories and components you can incorporate into them to make your operation more efficient...

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