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Whether you’re moving to a new office or refurbishing, SEC Interiors offer a comprehensive office fit-out process.


At SEC Interiors, we will work with you to design and install a bespoke office fit-out, whatever your business or industry is in Luton, our team can help you create a positive and productive work environment. If you’re moving to a new office space or looking for an office refurbishment, we can provide you with high-quality designs and office fit-out options.


Your office interior design is more than just choosing some furniture that does the job, it's about choosing the right furniture and equipment for the job! This will provide you with a positive and practical workplace for your employees. This can range from a fully equipped office kitchen to a relaxing, comfortable staff room filled with stylish office furniture. Why is this important for an office? Because a happy team is a productive team who can reach the goals you set for your business.


We use a data-driven design approach to deliver a concept that meets the requirements of your business. This allows us to provide creative, modern offices that are delivered on schedule and sticks to your budget.


Creating a great first impression is vital, especially for any Luton Business. Luton is a great town for businesses in the UK, that’s why an incredible office fit-out is essential for any great company. At SEC Interiors, our team will install a high-quality office interior design ideal for your business in Luton.


Office Fit-Out Luton


Transforming your office space can transform your business. At SEC Interiors, we’re an expert office fit-out company. Our team specialise in the design and installation of high-quality office furnishings, from furniture and desks to lighting and blinds. For every part of your office’s interior, we can design and install high-quality options.


If you’ve just moved to a new office in Luton, a high-quality office fit-out is essential. Our office design experts will work alongside you throughout the process, we aim to fit out your office space so it’s motivating and functional. Office design is more than furniture and fittings, it’s about creating an incredible working atmosphere for your team.


To ensure you get the right look for your office space, we will visit you onsite and assess the goals of your project. This will take into account your requirements and the style you want your office to have. Through a data-driven design approach, we will create a digital walkthrough of your new office. This will ensure you have a clear idea of your office fit-out and you’re more than satisfied with the design.


Office Interiors Luton


Office Refurbishment Luton


If you already have the ideal office space, you may not want to move. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan a high-quality office refurbishment. Our team will work with you to provide a cost-effective office refurbishment that breathes new life into your workplace. An incredible office refurbishment can increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness in their roles.


For any existing offices, we will conduct a workplace and property appraisal, this is an analysis of the requirements and style you want for your new office space. From this point, we will develop an office planning scheme to refresh your work environment. This means enhancing the existing structures you want to keep and installing improved facilities.


We understand the importance of avoiding downtime for any business. It’s important to avoid any disruption to your team or your work processes. This is why our contract managers will work to implement a plan that allows us to install an innovative, new office refurbishment without causing any unnecessary disruption.


If you have any existing issues affecting your office, an office refurbishment can offer permanent solutions. This can make a difference in your work environment by increasing your business’s productivity. Whether you’re looking for a change or need an innovative office design, we can design and install a bespoke office design ideal for your requirements.


Office Furniture Luton


One of the biggest parts of any office is its furniture. Choosing the right office furniture can be difficult. Especially, if you have a range of high-quality options on offer. Our team can work with you to source and install the right furniture for your team and your office. With high-quality office furnishings, you can transform your entire workspace. 


If you’re looking to furnish your office, our team are the experts to help. Any commercial office needs stylish and executive furniture, the right office furniture can cultivate a successful business mentality. Office furniture is not only about desks and other furnishings, it’s about planning how to use your space. Our team will analyse how to utilise your space and the right office furniture that will suit your workplace.


An office is not only about accessories and furniture that allow your team to do their roles, it’s about creating a positive work environment. Our team will work with you to install comfortable and stylish furniture in your office kitchen, reception area, and breakout room. Our team’s office fit-out approach ensures we strike a balance between design and functionality, this is how we deliver a positive workplace that also represents your brand.


Office furniture is so important as it’s often the first opportunity to show your brand to potential customers or clients. Your office reception is the ideal way to create an incredible first impression for your business. Another opportunity to stand out is with your conference and meeting room furnishings. These are rooms that require the latest technology such as charging ports and presentation systems. We will work with you to blend these office accessories with the right desks and chairs to install a creative and professional space.


Office Kitchen Luton


One of your responsibilities as a business owner is to create a positive work environment for your employees. The right office kitchen can provide a great space for your team, it will add flexibility to the workplace. The more comfortable your team is, the happier and more productive they will be.


An office kitchen is an integral part of an office fit-out. The right office kitchen design will fit in with the image of your business. Whether you want an open-plan office kitchen or somewhere more closed off, our team can help. We will install a social space that transforms your office’s atmosphere.


In any office, your staff need a wide range of comfortable spaces to both work and relax. At SEC Interiors, we have experience installing a variety of breakout rooms, staff rooms, and office canteens. These are all areas that are integral when designing any modern office. Using the right office furniture, you can create a comfortable and relaxing space that encourages positivity and productivity.


Office canteens and cafeterias should be used for more than preparing food. They should be a social space for your staff, this will increase your team’s morale and the overall positivity of your workplace. Every part of your office must feature your business’s culture. We will design your office staff room and breakout room to offer a positive environment for your team.



Office Interior Design Luton


Interior design in your office is crucial for a happy working atmosphere. It allows you to showcase your brand to both your clients and your team. Office interior design is about encouraging a culture of success, this is why our office design consultants will work with you to install an interior design that is functional and stylish.


At SEC Interiors, we offer bespoke office interior designs, this means a made to measure office fit-out that features high-quality office furniture, lighting, and other office furnishings. We understand that a great office interior design is all about the small details, with the right interior design, you can create a workplace that is simultaneously functional and stylish.


We deliver office fit-outs that our team manage from the initial concept through the creation and project management process. Managing the interior design of your office is time-consuming, at SEC Interiors we will handle the development up until we hand you the keys to your new office. 


When you first contact us, we will draw up concept designs in detailed 3D AutoCAD renderings. These are plans based on the objectives and goals you have for your new office. This will allow us to provide you with an office interior design that meets all your requirements and goals.


Office interior design is about making your office pleasant to work in while being stylish and representing your brand. This could be the functionality of your office kitchen but it could also be the layout of desks and furniture. It takes an all-encompassing office design to create a happy workplace, that’s why our office design consultants use a data-driven approach to help you achieve this. From initial designs to when we source your office furniture and install your new fit-out, everything we do is based around achieving the goals you have for your office.


Office Mezzanine Luton


A mezzanine floor is a steel-based structure that allows you to expand your office space. At SEC Interiors, we design, supply and install bespoke office mezzanine floors. They’re ideal for a range of industries but can transform an office’s interior by incorporating a first or second floor to utilise untapped space.


To make the most of a mezzanine floor your office space will need to have a high ceiling and plenty of capacity. If so, you can maximise the amount of room you have in your workplace. A mezzanine floor allows you to install workspace both on and under the floor. We will then work with you to utilise the new space in a way that suits your business’s needs and goals.


There is a lot to consider when installing a mezzanine floor. From building controls to the power supply and lighting options. You also have flooring and safety features to consider as well. That’s where our office design consultants can help with the design and installation process.


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