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What is a multi-tier racking system?


Multi-tier racking systems allow for a huge increase in storage capacity, making them perfect for warehouse operations where space is at a premium.


The system is best suited to small parts, online eCommerce and pick and pack operations, where thousands of SKUs need to be stored and retrieved at any given moment.


The picking and shelving system makes full use of the warehouse cube, whilst providing the end user with full access to every storage location. Some of the award-winning multi-tier systems we've installed have tripled the footprint of their existing parts racking storage through intelligent design and space planning.

Multi tier racking system
Tiered picking structure

A solution that works with a wide variety  of warehouses


Warehouse multi-tier systems are not just reserved for large warehouse spaces, oh no! We have installed tiered picking structures to suit a variety of differently sized operations. 


From small parts picking structures for the storage of caravan parts to multi-floor garment hanging solutions for the storage of thousands of SKUs for clothing manufacturers and online retailers.


The image opposite showcases a tiered picking structure that makes full use of an existing mezzanine floor. This intelligent solution has maximised the existing space of the warehouse - previously lost - through a simple yet intelligent design by adding an additional storage level.


If you have a small warehouse facility and are not sure whether a multi-tier parts racking system would be right for you, then take a look at one of our recent case studies to find out more.


Why choose a multi-tier racking system?


Warehouse relocation and / or site expansion can be rather costly, and in a lot of cases, completely unnecessary! You could be under-utilising the height of your existing warehouse, therefore missing a key opportunity to maximise your existing operation. A multi-tier racking system could allow you to greatly increase your floor space; maximise storage capacity, and make your overall picking and packing operation or small parts retrieval more efficient.


Clients who we've installed the system for have seen massive gains throughout their operations, including saving on wasted operative time; speeding up pick and pack operations, and reducing the costs of other racking systems that may have proved ineffective or expensive in the long-term.



Looking for more information? Check out our Guide to Multi-Tier Systems.

Advantages of a multi-tier racking system:


  • Enhanced Cubic Capacity - Maximise the height of your building and make full use of your available parts racking space.
  • Access to All Storage Locations - Due to the nature of the system and its setup, no area will be left inaccessible for picking.
  • Ideal for Picking and Packing Operations - Small parts, key components, eCommerce and online retailers i.e. eTail. If the system is accompanied by WMS (warehouse management software) and conveyors, then it can be automated to further enhance productivity.
  • Increased Productivity - Picker times can be greatly reduced, especially via the incorporation of goods lift or a conveyor system, etc.
  • A Wide Variety of Accessories - Floors can be designed for use with pallet trucks and trolleys, and additional access points can be created via the installation of traditional pallet gates, goods lifts or conveyors.
Multi tier picking structure with spiral chute and conveyor

See how an award-winning multi-tier comes together...


The corresponding video showcases the installation of a UKWA, 'Technical Innovation' award-winning multi-tier for ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd). This solution was built to fully optimise the pick and pack procedure, providing ILG with the ability to offer their client's next day delivery.


The solution combines an intelligent finger picking device, coupled with a rack-supported multi-tier, that was fitted with warehouse conveyors and gravity chutes that then feed product directly down to the pack and despatch area.


This solution is a prime example as to why SEC Storage is the right company to partner with for your potential multi-tier project. We pride ourselves not just on our award-winning work, but by making sure we deliver the right solutions for our clients every time! Get in touch below for a complimentary quote and to find out more.

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