Multi-Tier Racking Systems

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Multi-tier racking systems allow for a huge increase in storage capacity, making them perfect for warehouse operations where space is at a premium. The system is best suited to small parts, eCommerce and pick and pack operations, where thousands of SKUs need to be stored and retrieved at any given moment.


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Multi-Tier Racking Systems

Small parts and picking



Small Parts
& Picking

A multi-tier solution that supports the walkways for pedestrian small parts picking


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Garment hanging and picking systems



Garment Hanging
& Picking

A solution that supports the walkways for pedestrian garment picking


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Why Choose a Multi-Tier Racking System?


Warehouse relocation and / or site expansion can be rather costly, and in a lot of cases completely unecessary. You could be under-utilising the height of your existing warehouse, therefore missing a key opportunity to maximise your existing operation. A multi-tier racking system could allow you to greatly increase your floor space; maximise storage capacity, and make your overall operation more efficient.


Clients who we've installed the system for have seen massive gains throughout their operations, including: saving on wasted operative time; speeding up pick and pack operations, and reducing costs of other racking systems that may prove ineffective or expensive in the long-term.



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