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The SEC Group prides itself on high levels of customer service and being there for our clients. Despite having an "online" URL, we work with our clients closely and hope to build mutually rewarding relationships.


There is a dedicated core team at the SEC Group ranging from Directors and Senior Managers, to directly employed SEIRS installation teams and Marketers. Here, we meet the team...

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Directors - the top

Steve Watts, Managing Director

Steve Watts
Managing Director

Steve is founder of the SEC Group and involved in the day-to-day running of the business. He's also our Multitier and Garment Hanging system expert. During the Winter he can normally be found on the ski slopes.

Vanessa Beck, Commercial Director

Vanessa Beck
Commercial Director

Vanessa as Commercial Director oversees all facets of the business and is our resident HR expert. Her young family keeps her busy out of work, as does local activities in the village where she lives. She pays the wages & brings cake. We look after Vanessa!

Russell Coleman, Sales Director

Russell Coleman
Sales Director

Responsible for delivering client focused interior solutions & managing SEC Interiors.  This self proclaimed "Ski Warrior" hits the mountains hard whenever he can and is also a keen golfer and a member at The Shire London.

Gary Kirk, Project Sales Director

Gary Kirk
Sales Director - Systems Division

Gary devises solutions for major projects & our biggest clients. He has been with us so long that no-one remembers how long! Cooking culinary delights & spending time with his family keeps him going.

Harry Watts, Project Design Engineer

Harry Watts
Commercial Director - Systems Division

Harry now works in our Projects division, utilising purpose built Statistical Simulation software to design warehouse solutions that maximise our clients' distribution efficiency while minimising costs. He has the ability to survive the day without any caffeine!

Project and  Internal Sales - the ideas people.

Tim Judge, Business Development Manager

Tim Judge
Business Development Manager

Tim joined the team in Summer 2017, with exceptional experience in the racking and storage systems industry. Tim is charged with "working on the business, not in it". So he's helping to develop our people and business strategies.

Damian Chudleigh-Smith, Storage Project Sales

Damian Chudleigh-Smith
Storage Project Sales

Damian joined us in August 2017 and has lots of technical project experience with racking and storage systems. He'll be servicing enquiries in our home territory. If you meet Damian you'll be forgiven for thinking he's a surfer with his haircut!

Thomas Clarke, Storage Project Sales

Thomas Clarke
Storage Project Sales

Tom, as he likes to be known, is our colleague that covers the Midlands east region including Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Derby. When his young daughter isn't keeping him occupied, Tom can normally be found on the golf course.

Chris Poole, Storage Project Sales

Chris Poole
Storage Project Sales

Chris is one of the newest members of our project sales team, covering the West Midlands area, and comes to us with a wealth of warehouse fit-out experience. He enjoys keeping fit and training at the gym, as well as going out out!

Laura Mead, Internal Sales Supervisor

Laura Mead
Internal Sales Supervisor

Laura joined our Sales Team in April 2015 and plays a pivotal role in satisfying our client needs for smaller requirements. Laura loves a good chat...and a drop-top VW! As one of the most sociable she's always keen to organise after work drinks!

Janine Burnell, Group Sales Support Administrator

Janine Burnell
Group Sales Support Administrator

Janine joined the SEC Group in January 2018, as our Group Sales Support Administrator. She originally comes from South Africa and is the fourth South African member of the team we've had! Must be something in the water!

Design and   Proposals - the creative people

Kevin Miller, Design & Proposal Manager

Kevin Miller
Design & Proposal Manager

Kevin joined us in 2013 and is our head storage designer. He's responsible for interpreting our Project Sales' site survey notes and turning them into working CAD plans and visuals. A quieter member of the team Kevin often comes out with the best jokes.

Jonathan Richmond, Design & Proposal Manager

Jonathan Richmond
Design & Proposal Manager

It is Jonathan's job to turn Russell's conceptual ideas into 3D plans and visuals, helping to bring your project to life. Fortunately, Jonathan's taste in sunglasses has improved. And he's never pranced around the office with his top off.

Allen Burgess, Designer

Allen Burgess

Allen is a Stevenage local but originally from St Albans. He's also an Arsenal fan, sort of. With a background as a home improvement surveyor, he understands space. He'll be one of the team turning your site surveys into a workable warehouse storage space.

Ryan Goggins, Designer

Cheryl Randall
Design & Proposal Manager

Cheryl Joins us with 8 years interiors experience across a number of sectors making her the ideal person to help make your interiors vision a reality.In her spare time she enjoys upcycling her latest auction find, baking cupcakes or making greeting cards. 

Ryan Goggins, Designer

Ryan Goggins

Ryan is another Stevenage local and is one of our designers within our Storage Design & Proposal team, visualing your storage solution. Ryan joins us with experience in the HVAC industry. In his spare time, he can normally found at his local martial arts gym.

Project delivery

Adrian Wilcox, Contracts Manager

Adrian Wilcox
Contracts Manager

If you decide to place an order with us, it will be Adrian's responsibility to translate the designs into a working installation. Somewhat of a workaholic, he's the first to arrive and last to leave. That's when he's not on holiday!

Val Lawrence, Finance Administrator

Daniel Rimes Data Analyst

Daniel joins our System Division team as our new Operations Analyst whiz!

Matt Headland, Senior Technical Support

Matt Headland
Pre-Construction Design Manager

Matt has been with SEC since early 2012. His passion for all things construction (particularly his own property empire!) means he's well placed to assist in the delivery of our Storage & Interiors projects. Matt spends most of his weekends doing DIY.

Alex-Mae Underwood, Projects Coordinator

Alex-Mae Underwood
Project Manager

Alex-Mae joined the Sales Team in August 2016 but now supports the Delivery team in delivering our projects, including dealing with our suppliers. She is a fitness fanatic & is normally found counting her macros.

Karolina Kulakowska, Pre-Construction Designer

Karolina Kulakowska
Pre-Construction Designer


Karolina hails from Poland originally but is now a member of our Project Delivery team. She has a background on structural engineering and brings a wealth of CAD knowledge, to help make our sales team designs a reality on paper!

Samuel Copley, Junior Project Delivery Manager

Samuel Copley
Junior Project Delivery Manager


As one of the newest members of the Project Delivery team, Sam will help create your project a reality on-site, with experience in the construction industry. Travel, football and mates keep him busy in his spare time.

Georgina Collins, Group Project Delivery Administrator

Georgina Collins
Group Project Delivery Administrator

Georgina, or Georgy as she likes to be known, joined us in 2019 and will be a great point of contact for your project delivery queries, whether Storage or Interiors related. Going to the gym and keeping fit keeps Georgy busy outside of work.

Hasine Patel
Project Delivery Manager

Hasine joined the team in September 2019 with previous experience working in residential, retail and commercial projects.  With great attention to detail, he aims to deliver projects to a high standard and on time.  In his spare time he enjoys playing and watching football!

Val Lawrence, Finance Administrator

Victor Onyebuchi Group Health & Safety Manager

Victor is Strategically implementing SEC's HSE initiatives by undertaking the Lead, Governance, Communications, Risk management and date certain to completion.  He's also very passionate about rigorous climate protection!

Marketing - getting our name out there

Matt Headland, Senior Technical Support

Bjourdashe Henry
Digital Marketing Executive

Bjourdashe joined in September 2019 to manage all things digital! She's our go to for identifying new digital trends in the market and bringing them to light.  All work and no play, she's also a part time music producer and martial arts medalist! She means business.. 

Ricky Howe, Business Development Executive

Ricky Howe
Business Development Manager

Ricky joined us in September 2019. He will be responsible for contacting existing prospects & clients to assist with their requirements. His claim to fame is that he is the nephew of former Sunderland & England left-back Michael Gray!

Tamsin Caton, Business Development Executive

Tamsin Caton
Sales & Customer Service Executive

Originally joining in 2014 as part of the business development team, Tamsin is now our go-to customer service person. Have an issue (although we hope you don't!)? Speak to Tamsin, she will help! Looking after her family is what keeps Tamsin going. And a good brew!

Jazz Savage
Comms Executive - Systems Division

Jazz works to help support the growth of the Systems Division and establish the SEC Academy.  She loves big dogs and the occassional coffee from Starbucks.

Installations - bringing your project to life

Gavin Oliver, Installations Manager

Gavin Oliver
Installations Manager

Gav has been with us since 2004 & started as one of our SEIRS qualified racking installers. He's responsible for all our storage installations, ensuring sites are compliant & coordinating our SEIRS installers.

Grahame Hollick, Installations Manager

Grahame Hollick
Installations Manager

Responsible for helping to deliver our interior fit out and refurbishment projects, Grahame is hands on too, so you might find him installing partitioning or suspended ceilings. Most won't realise that Grahame used to have his own second hand car garage.

Robert 'Jock' Gowans, Installations Supervisor

"Jock" Gowans
Installations Supervisor

Originally starting as a SEIRS Installer he's now a Supervisor, ensuring your installations comply to SEMA Codes. His nickname is from his Scottish heritage. You'll be forgiven for thinking he's a Londoner, especially when wearing his Chelsea FC shirt!

Leighton Cornwell, Storage Installations Supervisor

Leighton Cornwell
Installations Supervisor

Initially starting as a SEIRS Installer, in September 2014 Leighton was made Storage Installations Supervisor. He's the site teams go to eBay guru. He's an Arsenal fan and enjoys watching a good game at the weekends.

Mick Keeling, Storage Installations Supervisor

Mick Keeling
Installations Supervisor

Joining in February 2014, Mick is now an Installations Supervisor. Originally from Birmingham he's an ardent Aston Villa FC fan, he's one of the shortest members of the install teams (not that it stops him putting up high-bay racking!).

Casey Clark, Storage Installations

Casey Clark
Storage Installations

Casey is one of the newest members of our Storage Installations team. If you place an order with us, Casey will be turning up on site and building our racking! Fortunately he now spends most of his time on a forklift or scissor lift instead of crawling on the floor.

Lewis Tillett, Storage Installations

Lewis Tillett
Storage Installations

Lewis is one of the newest members of our Storage Installations team. He'll be one of the team that arrives on site to install our racking once you have placed an order! In his spare time, his young daughter keeps him busy at the weekends.

Lawrence Stevenson, Storage Installations

Lawrence Stevenson
Storage Installations

Lawrence joined our installation team in 2019. Just like the rest of the installations team, he's super hard working and gets your racking built efficiently and safely.

Accounts - the money people

Lindy Barton, Finance Manager

Lindy Barton
Finance Manager

Lindy started at SEC as a temp in the early-2000's and is still here! As Finance Manager, she helps ensure our projects are running to budget. She loves spending time with her grandchildren. Don't remind her she's a Grandma though!

Val Lawrence, Finance Administrator

Val Lawrence
Finance Administrator

Val has been with SEC since 2011. She's normally found processing invoices, particularly from suppliers and subcontractors. She has a new found love for cycling, even riding to work in January! Her oldest love is Cliff Richard, however...