Office Space Planning & Interior Layout Services

Boost  staff  morale  and  improve  performance  with  interior  office  space  planning...

Office space planning and design is so much more than just furniture, desks & chairs. 


Innovative office planning creates an inspiring and motivating working office environment for your staff. Given that most employees spend more waking hours at work than at home, creating the right office space and environment should be top priority.


Careful consideration to improving staff surroundings, by first gaining a clear understanding of your work space needs, is critical. 


SEC will initially conduct a workplace and property appraisal of your new or existing premises. Our in-house office interior solution CAD experts will then plan and design your office space, fully adhering to statutory requirements including building and workplace regulations.


Upon discussing and agreeing project delivery timescales, we get to work on providing the most practical and functional solution to your office space requirements.


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CAD interior space planning & design

3D CAD Office Design - Creating the Right Staff Environment


Our office interior design service focuses on locating the most efficient working positions for your staff down to the smallest of details such power outlet and data cabling termination points.

3D Office Space Planning & Design

Space Planning the detail...


HVAC design takes ambience and ventilation into consideration, ensuring your office environment remains fresh, while meeting legislative regulation.


We will ensure suspended ceilings and lighting systems provide a stimulating and illuminating environment. Additional considerations for office space planning include office partitioning, flooring, dedicated staff areas, furniture & receptions.


This planning service forms the foundation for development of our detailed design specifications, which are delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand format, ensuring you have complete visibility of how the overall installation cost has been established.


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