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Staff breakout areas and office kitchens

At SEC Interiors, we can create a wide range of comfortable, relaxing and durable staff areas for lunch times and breaks. Newly installed staff breakout and co-working areas can help to boost staff morale, enabling your employees to get away from their everyday distractions and emails in order to focus on key activities.


Innovative staff breakout areas are now an integral part of modern office design, as they help to keep staff motivated and enthused throughout the day.


Studies also show businesses that incorporate co-working and breakout spaces have seen major increases in productivity, as staff are less likely to vacate the building for a lunch break - keeping everyone together, whilst boosting social interactions and team bonding time.

Staff breakout area with kitchen teapoint
Office canteen and cafeteria fit outs

Office canteens and cafeterias

As part of our complimentary space planning service, SEC Interiors can provide a full workplace and property assessment, which will include the examination of your office and building infrastructure. This assessment will also detail any potential health and safety issues that may arise, which is essential for areas where food preparation is to be undertaken.


Once this is complete, we will begin to prepare our designs, which could include the conceptualisation of the space through 3D visuals and renderings. We will then provide a total breakdown of project costs, including the suggestion of different finishes and furnishings, along with timescales for the completion of the project.


Take a look at one of our project case studies, showcasing the fit-out of a production facility canteen and staff room for household brand name, Rowse Honey (owned by Valeo Foods UK Ltd)

Why are Breakout Spaces so important?


The provision of additional facilities for your employees is a growing trend within the office fit out industry. Businesses are continually striving to provide optimum working conditions for their staff in order to increase staff retention, morale, and ultimately productivity. A colourful, comfortable and creative breakout space can do just that!


Want to find out more about breakout spaces? Then read our blog: Breakout Spaces in the Workplace: Law, Necessity or Business Strategy, which was previously referenced in a leading report from on Generational Focus.

Staff room  and breakout furniture

Providing your employees with a comfortable place to relax is part of a growing trend, and you should make serious considerations for the incorporation of such a space when designing your new office. 


SEC Interiors can provide a wide range of breakout furniture and soft seating as part of your project, providing your staff with a comfortable space to escape away from their desks and relax. This much needed relaxation can then provide them with the motivation they need to remain productive throughout the working day.


With the right choice of furniture, breakout spaces can often become impromptu meeting spaces, where staff can meet and discuss without the distractions of their desk.


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Furniture for staff rooms and breakout spaces
Furniture for staff kitchens and office canteens

Office canteen  and kitchen furniture

Alongside general breakout furniture and soft seating, we can also provide furnishings with practical and hygienic finishes for your office canteen and/or kitchen space.


The products we use are available in both standard seating heights and full standing heights, with the latter being of prime use for that quick coffee catchup and impromptu meeting.


Our wide range of bistro tables can also include power and data points so that your employees can take time out from the desk but continue to be productive; fully adopting the flexible working ethos.


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