Dynamic Push Back Pallet Racking Systems

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How does a Dynamic Push-Back Racking System work?


One of the most effective types of pallet racking systems, Dynamic Push-Back Racking enables pallets to be stored over four deep. Pallets are placed in the front position and subsequent pallets are then added by 'pushing back' the front pallet.


To retrieve the pallets the procedure is reversed with the pallets returning to the picking face under gravity (due to the slightly sloped storage lanes).

This system makes excellent use of cubic and floor space and has the benefit of being accessible using most types of handling truck.

Stock rotation is based upon the First In, Last Out principle (FILO) and as each product has a dedicated lane it is ideal for load marshalling. Push-back warehouse racking is ideal for storing medium turnover products and is an excellent solution for those looking to make the best use of space and time.

The time saving dynamic push-back racking stores medium turnover products

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