Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

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How Do Drive-In Racking Systems Work?


Drive-in Racking is the ideal solution when space is at a premium or high-density storage is required. It is very similar to block stacking but pallets are stored on cantilevered rails running throughout the system. This not only makes the loading and retrieval of pallets simpler but also prevents goods becoming damaged because each pallet is supported and so other stock is not sitting directly on top of it.

Although forklifts can drive in to the racking, this system necessitates a first in, last out principle (FILO) unless a drive-through system is used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side of the block.

By eliminating aisles and lanes it is possible to maximise cubic space and this system enables more pallets to be stored per cubic metre than any other storage system. Stock rotation is limited so this system is best suited to the storage of seasonal goods or bulk goods of the same type.

Drive-in racking is particularly popular with clients with cold-store environments or those for whom efficient use of space is the ultimate priority.

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