Carton Live Storage Warehouse Shelving Systems & Installation

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How does a Carton Live Storage System work?


This simple yet effective storage system facilitates high density picking by presenting multiple product lines across one shelf width. It is ideal for warehouses with large picking volumes as goods are immediately accessible and pickers do not need to cover large distances to complete an order.


Adjustable runs of roller tracks, configured into lanes, are fitted into beds which are supported, on an incline, within racking. The goods are fed in at the higher end of the lane and gently slide down under the force of gravity to the pick face. Subsequent cartons are loaded on behind resulting in ‘First In First Out’ stock rotation.


Benefits include automatic stock replenishment, reduced order preparation times, increased productivity and optimum use of space.


A number of accessories are available to allow the system to be configured to the user’s specific requirements.

Carton Live Storage Shelving Systems & Installation - Hertfordshire London UK

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