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Choosing the Right Office Bistro Furniture


The provision of additional facilities for your employees is a growing trend within the office fit out & design industry. Businesses are continually striving to provide the optimum working conditions for their staff in order to increase retention, morale and ultimately productivity.


By choosing the right office bistro furniture you can ensure that your staff have a comfortable place to get away from their day-to-day tasks, relax and rejuvenate. Often, breakout areas are used for impromptu meetings and discussions, which keeps your staff engaged even longer.


Our entire range of breakout and café or canteen furniture adopts the same designs & ergonomics of our all office desking, seating and storage ranges but provide the flexibility and durability for these high traffic environments. 

Bistro & Café Seating


From the Beech wooden bistro seat with classic style & practicality to vibrant colour upholstered designs, there is a bistro or café seating range to suit your budget.


Designed to be ergonimic, practical and hygienic, they are perfect for use in your office canteen, breakout area and even conference area, providing a cost effective multi-use solution.


Our bistro seating can also be elegant and versatile, so that your office design continues from your desking & seating right through to the staff breakout facility. 


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Bistro and cafe seating
Bistro and cafe tables

Bistro & Café Tables


With practical and hygienic wipe clean tops to elegant "Trumpet" bases, our bistro & café tables are designed to match our bistro & café seating.


Most designs are available in standard "seating" heights to "poseur" standing height for that quick coffee and impromptu meeting.


The modern bistro table can also include power and data points so that your employees can take time out from the desk but continue to be productive and truly adopt the flexible working ethos.


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Breakout Space Furniture


Providing your employees with a place to relax is one of the biggest growing trends and considerations you should make with your office interior design.


In a range of versatile configurations and sizes, our breakout space furniture and soft seating can provide your staff with a space to escape their private workspace and relax. This relaxtion provides them with the motivation and attention to remain productive throughout the working day.


These breakout spaces often become impromptu meeting spaces where staff can meet and discuss without the distractions of their desk. Any investment in your breakout space furniture will provide rewards as a multi-use space.


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Breakout space furniture

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