Why Not Work With a Local Hertfordshire Office Refurbishment Company?


Here at SEC Interiors we've recently been reflecting on our participation in the local Hertfordshire community. As a company we pride ourselves on fact that we get involved in a variety of charity initiatives throughout the year!


Some of the causes we've supported over the years include:

  • Welwyn Pegsaus Football Club
  • Letchworth Garden City Eagles


We're big football fans but we also believe in nurturing the future generation!


Other charities close to our hearts that we have previously raised money for are Help for Heroes and Great Ormond Street Hospital children's charity. We also host events such as our annual golf days to raise funds and more recently we're supporting Run for Tomorrow. Members of our team have taken part in the fundraising races with the aim to promote health and fitness.



Recovering economy and local Herts based businesses

But what else can we do? That's the thought that crossed our minds! What other initiatives could we undertake to help the local community we live and work in? It's no secret that small and medium sized Hertfordshire businesses have been significantly impacted by the financial crisis. As we start to see signs of recovery, we local businesses need all the help we can get to revitalize our businesses and the Herts economy.


Light-bulb moment! We should be dedicating more time and effort into providing our services to businesses in and around Stevenage and Hertfordshire. SEC Interiors is very enthusiastic about building attractive and productive places to work which in turn builds:

  • Mutually rewarding relationships
  • Prosperous communities


We would be happy to hear from you if you believe our businesses can collaborate on initiatives which would benefit the community. Strong business networks may also encourage new businesses to set up and settle permanently!



Buy Local! What are the benefits of using a local office refurbishment company?

Employing a local company would:

  • Keep money flowing in the community and in turn stimulate the local economy.
  • Give the added benefit of a bespoke service - a local company can spend considerable time developing a deep understanding of your business in order to provide an appropriate solution.
  • Create more jobs locally.
  • Be convenient - meetings are easy to arrange and we can be with you when you need us, without a great deal of notice.



Let's not forget the Herts environment!

Employing a business in Hertfordshire ensures that less time is spent travelling and in turn less pollution.


From personal experiences we have found it very rewarding to conduct business locally and our customers found it very convenient using a local business. The main benefits pinpointed included the advantage of having contract and project managers on site regularly so the client can receive regular updates and the team can attend project meetings on request!



Will cheaper be better in the long run?


Some may argue that sourcing goods and services locally can be more expensive, and therefore less economic. But buying cheaper can sometimes result in inferior quality. It may be prudent to procure goods and services from a reliable, accessible contractor that can provide you with high quality products and services! How good would it be if you could get this from a local contractor too?



Accessibility & Flexibility

Hertfordshire office refurbishment businesses can provide a unique, personal service and are reputably more flexible. They may provide services such as working out of hours in order to minimize disruptions to your daily operations. This standard of customer service may improve significantly as staff would be more accessible to provide technical support and assistance throughout the project.




It's clear that considerable benefits can be gained by employing local Hertfordshire based businesses and building mutually rewarding relationships in our local communities. SEC Interiors hopes to play a role in helping to stimulate the local economy. We strongly believe that collaboration is a key ingredient for economic growth!



Post by Dean Kahl

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