Williams Jet Tenders | Racking and Shelving System Installation​

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Project Brief

The design, supply and installation of a variety of storage systems, including adjustable pallet racking, long and short-span shelving systems, and general storage units at Williams Jet Tenders Ltd...


Client Background

Williams Jet Tenders Ltd are one of the world’s leading jet tender specialists, and over the years have helped to develop an outstanding selection of high class boats for clients all over the world.


Williams Jet Tenders Ltd


Berinsfield, Oxfordshire

Project Summary:

Installation of a variety of storage systems, including adjustable pallet racking, longspan and shortspan shelving systems...

Shortspan shelving systems with unique product aperture
Shortspan shelving systems - warehouse storage

Design and installation of various shelving systems


Williams Jet Tenders Ltd called upon SEC’s expertise to help configure a storage system for the company’s Oxfordshire based warehouse facility, in order to effectively deal with a variety of product sizes and storage requirements. After the initial design and consultation stage, SEC began by installing a selection of adjustable pallet racking bays, for the storage of general product. 


It was found that some of the racking bays were needed to stack product high up, and so these selected bays saw the addition of anti-collapse mesh screens, acting as a preventative safety measure, eliminating potential injury to employees in case of falling objects and products. SEC also installed a mixture of longspan and shortspan shelving systems, designed with a uniformed aperture for the storage of a variety of product sizes and SKU’s.

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Warehouse shelving systems
Shortspan shelving - warehouse storage

Short span shelving for the storage of small parts


Short-span shelving in particular is a highly versatile solution, and rather effective for the storage of small parts and dense storage in picking operations. The shelving systems were pre-galvanised, with some of the units also supplied with back cladding to prevent objects from falling through.


As part of our wider product offering, SEC also supplied and installed a number of wall-mounted, louvre panels for the storage of various tote boxes, along with a number of small parts picking trays and hazardous work cabinets to finish.



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