The Albion Knitting Company Ltd - Mezzanine Floor & Factory Fit Out​

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Project Brief

Installation of 1,980 sq/ft approx. mezzanine floor with longspan shelving feature, additional overhead ceiling hung electrics, lighting, wiring and preventitive health and safety measures for luxury knitting and garment manufacturer in North East London...


Key Features

The Albion Knitting Company Ltd will be the first flat-bed knitter aimed towards high quality production in London, UK since the 1940's. The company's aim is to put top-end knitwear manufacturing in England back on the map.


The Albion Knitting Company Ltd.


Haringey, North East London

Contract Duration:

''7-8' Weeks

Project Summary:

Mezzanine floor with longspan shelving  feature, health and safety preventitive measures and extensive electrical installation for luxury knitting and garment manufacturer in North East London 



SEC's focus from the outset was to analyse the existing requirements of the company and also the possibility of proposed future growth so that our designs could offer the best flexibility for Albion and their operations moving forward.


The primary feature was a mezzanine floor installation to maximise product storage capacity with built in pallet gate and staircase access points. Located underneath the mezzanine structure are embedded lighting rigs casting additional light on the product manufacturing areas below.


Out on the factory floor, we provided extensive electrical installation and wiring for the requirements of machinery and product manufacturing points.


There was also a wire mesh partitioning wall built into the centre of the factory to isolate and segment key manufacturing areas, whilst also acting as a hanging system for additional lighting requirements. In addition, a sealed cage corner unit was fabricated to house all electrical controls keeping them safe and secure.


SEC were also enlisted to install health and safety preventative measures including: smoke detectors, electronic sounders and break glass-call points in both the office and warehouse areas.


Albion, through SEC were able to capitalise upon their desired vision and were provided with an excellent multi-featured installation fitting all product manufacturing needs and health and safety requirements.

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