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Specialist Cars: Mini - Stevenage - Handover Room Fit Out​

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Project Brief

The creation of a customer vehicle handover facility in the existing dealership showroom, complete with silicon jointed glass partitioning, electrical installation and commercial refurbishment works at Specialist Cars: Mini in Stevenage...


Client Background

Specialist Cars are one of the largest privately owned BMW and MINI Retailer groups in the UK. Their business consists of three BMW & MINI Centres located in Stevenage, Luton & Tring; having over 40 years of proud heritage to accompany .


Specialist Cars: Mini | Stevenage


Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Project Summary:

The creation of a customer vehicle handover facility in the existing dealership showroom, complete with silicon jointed glass partitioning and electrical installation works...

Showroom handover room
Handover room - suspended ceiling installation
Electrical and lighting installation
Glass partitioning installation to handover room



The company was looking to create a unique handover room in their Stevenage based Mini salesroom facility, so they could drive their customers vehicles inside the showroom for collection. They could then hand over all documentation and keys with the customer then driving their new car out.


To create this new area, SEC Interiors looked to open up a corner of the existing showroom area. Initial works included general preliminaries and attendances such as demolition and waste removal to make way for the newly proposed handover space.


50mm steel stud & track partitioning was installed with thick plasterboard covering either side to create the sealed wall. 10mm silicone jointed glass partitioning was also installed to create the rooms internal entrance, complete with a sliding glass leaf door. The existing flooring was uplifted and removed, and new carpet tiles were placed down with appropriate transitions and finishing strips to make good.


SEC also carried out the overall electrical works including the installation of fire alarms, power outlets, data lines and general testing and certification. This was not only provided to the new handover room, but also to the back entrance media console and seated comfort bar and waiting areas. At the request of the company, we carried out the works during out of hours times to minimise disruption of the day to day showroom operations, and provided the company with a highly personal and unique customer handover point.

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