Special Wear UK Ltd

Double deep pallet racking project

The design, supply and installation of a double-deep, adjustable pallet racking solution providing maximum storage capacity at Special Wear UK Ltd’s new Luton based warehouse facility...


Client Background

Incorporated at the turn of the millennium, Special Wear UK Ltd has since established itself as a respected supplier of technical work-wear, corporate apparel and promotional clothing.


Special Wear UK Ltd


Luton, Bedfordshire

Project Summary:

Installation of a double-deep, adjustable pallet racking solution, providing maximum storage capacity for our client...

Double deep pallet racking installation
Double deep pallet racking warehouse installation - Bedfordshire

"We contacted SEC following an uninspiring performance from two alternative suppliers. We have limited experience in installations of this size so we were heavily reliant on our chosen supplier to help us design and deliver an appropriate solution.


During the design phase SEC identified a storage solution which had not been offered to us previously and one which allowed us to store many more pallets than we had expected (a very welcome surprise). I quickly ascertained that SEC was a capable and well run business and one which could deliver exactly what we needed.


The dates quoted at the outset did not slip and the manufacture and installation phases came in on time. Their engineers were professional and helpful and I am genuinely satisfied with the service that we received. I don’t usually write testimonials but this was a very positive experience during a challenging period of growth at Special Wear and I’m grateful to SEC for helping us to deliver this important installation in the way that they did."


Carl Gough

Managing Director of Special Wear UK Ltd

Double deep pallet racking warehouse installation
Warehouse racking installation

A double deep storage solution


Special Wear had recently acquired a new warehouse facility in Luton, Bedfordshire in order to meet the demands of an expanding and successful business, and were looking for a cost-effective solution to maximise storage space within the facility.


Due to the nature of the business - working with a high turnover of core stock SKU’s (stock keeping units), SEC suggested that double-deep, adjustable pallet racking would provide the best value and optimisation of space, a system that Special Wear agreed was the most effective solution. The initial target of 500 pallet positions was achieved, however the configuration allows for a further expansion, increasing the pallet count up to an estimated 700 pallet positions should the need arise.


Double-deep pallet racking systems increase the amount of storage space by literally storing pallets two deep. The pallets are accessed from one primary aisle, thereby reducing up to half the number of aisles. A deep reach lift truck with either dual pantograph or slide fork attachments is then required to place a pallet at the back, with another then placed in front of it. It is therefore ideal for the bulk storage of identical products and high turnover stock, and the system offers a relatively low-cost option in comparison to other high-density solutions.


The project also saw the installation of multiple, floor-mounted steel tubular barriers, acting as a safeguard to reduce impact and scuffs from forklift truck operations. A simple, cost-effective accessory that can greatly reduce the risk of potential incidents.



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