Setting Up Your Ergonomically Correct Workstation


Having recently launched our brand new dedicated office furniture pages we thought it important to let you know how best to ergonomically set up your new workstation. More and more of us spend longer waking hours at work, sitting at our desks and staring at computer screens. It is therefore vitally important to correctly set up your workstation as it will keep you comfortable, injury free and alert throughout the working day!


Sitting correctly at your workstation is extremely important. Long periods of time sitting poorly can adversely affect your posture, cause back pain and create unnessecary distrations at work. By having ergonomic office desks and office chairs in your workplace, you can help keep yourself motivated and alert throughout the working day, making you more productive.


We've produced a handy infographic to help you set up your workstation. Here's how to set up your workstation:



Step 1: Your Monitor and Keyboard

  • Tilt the screen slightly forward to reduce interference caused by glare or reflection.
  • Your monitor should be positied a minimum of an arms length away.
  • Adjust your monitor to correct brightness and contrast.
  • Clean the screen regularly!
  • Adjust the height of your monitor so that the top of the screen is two or three finger widths below eye level.
  • Your keyboard should be directly in front of you!



Step 2: Your Office Chair

Your chair back rest should be tilted back or straight at ninety degrees.


Adjust your chair height until your forearms are positioned at least parallel with the floor or sloping down slightly towards the keyboard.



Step 3: Your Office Desk

Your desk top should be just below elbow height.


You may need to use a footrest so your thighs and lower legs are resting at a ninety degree angle.




Do you work from home? Don't forget to set up your home workstation as well. It is important to not only keep your office workstration ergonomically configured, but also your home workstation.


Try and not sit too long on the sofa with your laptop. Instead use the dining table or better still have a designated place for your home workstation!

Setting up your ergonomically correct workstation

Post by Dean Kahl