Warehouse reconfiguration project in Duxford
Services Machinery & Trucks Ltd

Warehouse and racking reconfiguration

Pallet racking reconfiguration to articulated forklift system provides SMT with a 28% pallet capacity increase without disrupting ongoing materials handling operations at their Duxford warehouse...


Client Background

Services Machinery & Trucks Ltd (formerly Volvo Construction Equipment Ltd) was established in Great Britain in 1967. They specialise in construction plant wheeled loaders, excavators and utility equipment; the company has over 3,000 man years of experience.


Services Machinery & Trucks Ltd


Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Project Summary:

Pallet racking reconfiguration to articulated forklift system provides SMT with a 28% pallet capacity increase...

Double deep adjustable pallet racking
Pallet racking installation for small parts storage

Warehouse reconfiguration increases pallet capacity by  28%

This experience has translated into a profitability jump of 80% for the first six months of 2015 and has seen the need for their Duxford warehouse facility to increase pallet capacity in order to cope with demand. A product and warehouse appraisal by SEC Storage found that by keeping small parts and bulk pallets segregated, a reconfiguration of the existing wide aisle system to a narrow aisle articulated could take place.


SEC worked closely with SMT's chosen materials handling supplier, Translift Bendi Ltd (supplied by Briggs Equipment Ltd) to optimise capacity and aisle widths. Although the Bendi forklifts are able to operate in aisles as low as 1.6m wide, the unique SMT pallets of up to 1.8m deep would necessitate the need for wider aisles.



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Warehouse reconfiguration project at Services Machinery and Trucks Ltd

"We presented SEC Storage with a unique challenge to not only increase capacity but do so in the most economically and environmentally advantageous nature, whilst keeping the warehouse fully operation.


I can only commend them and the warehouse team for “changing a piston while the engine is running."


John Green

Parts Operation Manager

Galvanised pallet racking
Narrowing of aisle widths for the introduction of Bendi forklifts

Warehouse reconfiguration increases pallet capacity by  28%

Aisles of between 2.1m and 2.4m wide and the introduction of the new Bendi forklifts has provided SMT with a 28% pallet capacity increase, taking their total storage capacity to over 1,900. This was in addition to the warehouse having to remain operational to fulfil the dealerships parts needs.


Subsequently, the expenditure of the additional racking was significantly less than replacing the entire warehouse with new racking. This not only proved cost-effective for Services Machinery & Trucks Ltd but environmentally efficient and supports their ISO 14001:2004 accreditation also.



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