Selectaglaze Ltd

Vertical racking system installation

The design and installation of a vertical racking system at Selectaglaze Ltd’s manufacturing facility based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The solution has helped to increase material picking speeds by over 300%, providing a massive gain in operational efficiency...


Client Background:

Selectaglaze Ltd, founded in 1966 is acknowledged as one of the leading UK specialists in secondary glazing. As testament to the quality of the company's service, product range and knowledge, a Royal Warrant was granted in 2004.


Selectaglaze Ltd



St Albans, Hertfordshire


Project Summary:

Design and installation of a vertical racking system, greatly optimising the company's materials handling operation...

Selectglaze Ltd's previous racking setup
Vertical racking - design and installation

Design and installation of a vertical racking system


Selectaglaze Ltd came to SEC Storage looking for an alternative to their old setup - a horizontal, cantilever racking system which was re-appropriated for the storage of various metal lengths. This setup caused a number of issues, for example: if a warehouse operative needed to pick an item from the top of the racking then they would have to use a forklift truck - greatly reducing pick times and selectivity.

SEC’s solution was to design a system that would maximise Selectaglaze Ltd’s overall storage space, with a focus on improving the speed and efficiency of the pick process. This was achieved via the installation of three runs of vertical racking. The first run which was positioned against the back wall of the warehouse consists of 8 no. 5,000mm high deep frames with an overall run length of 21,000mm.


The other two runs which are both 15,000mm in length consist of 6 no. 5,000mm high deep frames. The middle run is double sided, further maximising capacity. Vertical racking is a safe and organised storage system which makes full use of warehouse height, making it a perfect choice in this scenario.



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Vertical racking installation

“We are now rocking and rolling with the new vertical racking system. Our material pick times have been reduced by a massive percentage. A job that would have taken us 3 days this time last year only took half a day this week, so efficiencies have rocketed and the team are very happy. 


Please pass our thanks to your team, especially the fitters, as they were a credit to your company in the way they worked and communicated throughout the various phases.”


Duncan Saunders
Production Manager

Vertical racking installed at Selectaglaze Ltd
Vertical racking - design and installation

100 product selectivity with optimised pick times


The resulting works have greatly optimised Selectaglaze Ltd’s materials handling operation. There is no need for warehouse operative’s to use forklift trucks as all of the metal lengths are 100% accessible and able to be picked by hand. 


Selectaglaze Ltd are also looking at extending their existing building, with one of the entry points potentially being located near the racking installation. With this knowledge in mind, SEC Storage made sure to make allowances for when these plans are put into place in the near future.



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