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At SEC Storage we're always looking to push the boundaries in terms of how we showcase our services to clients. So last year we decided to invest in some new time-lapse recording equipment which has enabled us to capture some fantastic footage of our warehouse racking installations team in action. Our latest blog takes a look at some of our best highlights - giving you an insight into how a warehouse racking system comes together.

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Warehouse Racking Installation - Time-Lapse

Standard wide-aisle pallet racking is one of the most common types of warehouse storage systems available on the market. Our dedicated installations team works with the system on a regular basis and so we thought it'd be a great idea to film them hands on installing the system. The footage in the following video comes courtesy of photographer and time-lapse specialist Peter Davey, and represents a great showcase of our teams highly effective and professional approach on-site. 


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Drive-In Racking - Time-Lapse

This video showcases the installation of a drive-in pallet racking system, constructed in a West Yorkshire based warehouse totalling 59,000sq/ft. Drive-in racking systems are an ideal solution for warehouses where space is at a premium. These highly dense storage systems operate on a (FILO) first-in-last-out principle and are best suited to the storage of seasonal and bulk goods. Take a look at our team in action as four weeks worth of work is condensed into just over a minute! 


This is believed to be the largest drive-in racking system installed in the UK during 2016 - a proud achievement for SEC Storage. However, drive-in racking systems can be beneficial to a variety of warehouse operations of all sizes.


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Multi-Tier Racking System  - Time-Lapse


And finally, our last video - the installation of a rack-supported, multi-tier picking structure providing ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd) with over 2,300 pick locations. The facility now offers true demand based storage, meaning ILG can retrieve products from anywhere in the warehouse at any time. This is the third major project we've completed for ILG, and out short time-lapse video will give you a great insight into how a rack-supported, multi-tier structure of this scale comes together. You can view the full case study here


Further Reading: If you would like to find out more about the types of storage systems we've installed, then browse our wide range of case studies to see how we've helped companies up and down the country maximise their warehouse operations.

So there you have it, a concise insight into the types of storage projects we can deliver and a showcase of how our team can deliver them. Remember, we offer a complimentary space planning service and we'd be more than happy to assist you with your requirements. Until next time.



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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