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For our latest SEC Storage guide to... we decided to have a bit of fun. Warehouse racking, industrial shelving and pallet racking accessories are part of our core product offerings, but who says that these have to look dull and uninspiring?


In fact, with the odd lick of paint or two, this can actually help to segment key product types by acting as a visual aid, enabling warehouse employees to carry out their jobs more efficiently. Aesthetic warehouse solutions may seem like a light-hearted subject matter, but in all actuality, this approach can help to give your operation a unique competitive advantage.


We of course have to pay credit to WPRP Pallet Racking, our good friends in the US who have inspired this post via their excellent #RackArt series, and also to our client the Richmond House Group, who gave us further inspiration for the title via our social correspondence.


Take a look below to find out how you can give your warehouse the facelift it deserves.



Spice up your shelving

Warehouse shelving solutions are perfect for the storage of a variety of products, including small parts that can be made dynamic with the addition of carton live. Take a look below at our project for Rolls-Royce plc, where we installed numerous bays of longspan warehouse shelving, within a rack-supported multi-tier structure at the company's Winsford based facility. A system like this that features a variety of multi-coloured Tote Boxes, can make it easier for your employees to identify product types, in turn, speeding up operations and decreasing the amount of wasted picking time.



Warehouse shelving - segment your product types


A vibrant solution that segments product typesRolls-Royce plc



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Match your corporate colours

Warehouse racking can be powder coated with a wide variety of custom colours. So if you ever felt the need to match your corporate branding, here's your chance! Take the example below, a cantilever racking system we installed for our client International Timber, that uses a bold, black and red palette, picked from the company's logo. So don't let marketing have all the brand related fun! Bring a splash of colour into the warehouse and show management that you all work under the same umbrella.



Warehouse racking painted to match corporate colours


Warehouse Racking can be Painted to Match Corporate ColoursInternational Timber



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Safety first. Glamour second.

You may have seen the various pallet racking accessories that are available to purchase (if not, then take a look at our dedicated product page), but they shouldn't be viewed as a further burden to take care of!


Accessories like warehouse barriers, mesh safety netting and column guards can all play their part in helping to maximise employee' safety. End of rack barriers like the one featured below, typically come in bright oranges and yellows, painted like that in order for them to stand out, so that they can be easily identified by forklift truck operators. This in turn reduces the risk of structural damage, and parks a rather bright, eye-catching safety system at the end of your racking bays.


It's the simple additions, those that are affordable and readily available that can really make the difference. And also make you HSE compliant!



Safety barriers. Great for protection and added glam!Expert Installations Ltd



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Aesthetic warehouse solutions

So there you go, a few aesthetically charged solutions that can genuinely help to optimise your material handling operations, whilst adding a much needed boost of glamour to the warehouse environment.



Multi-coloured drive-in racking solutions


 A Multi-Coloured, Drive-In Racking SolutionLantmännen Unibake UK Ltd



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Warehouse racking systems can come in all shapes and sizes, from VNA (very narrow aisle) solutions to drive-in racking installations and more. If you're in need of a warehouse storage system (or aesthetic warehouse solution), then feel free get in touch. We offer a complimentary space planning and warehouse appraisal service, and we would be more than happy to help to find the right solution for you. Until next time.


Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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