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Your choice of furniture can make or break an office space, but if you make the right selections during the office fit out process, your office furniture can not only last for years to come, but will also provide your workplace with style, comfort and character. Let our latest Interiors Guide to... walk you through your options.



Before we start there are a few things you should consider...


  • Budget: Make sure the furniture you choose is within budget. Designer offerings can easily start in the £1000's, but there are a number of stylish offerings that can be catered to lower budgets. 
  • Comfort: Good ergonomics are key to effective health and safety requirements nowadays. Choose furniture that is both comfortable and flexible - suitable for all your workers.
  • Purpose: Buy office furniture that is appropriate for the space it is going into, e.g. need seating for a kitchen space, then fabrics or materials that can be easily stained would be unsuitable.



Reception / Entrance

Your reception is typically the first point of contact for both internal and external stakeholders alike. It offers you a chance to truly showcase your brand, so you've got to get it right! Start by installing a sleek and modern waiting area, complete with comfortable and attractive seating. This can come in the form of stylishly selected soft seating (like that featured below). Reception tables with in-built charging facilities are also a wise choice, helping to keep your guests occupied and fully-charged.



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Office reception furniture


Leave a strong, lasting impression with your reception furniture


If your furnishings are well-suited, this area can also double up as an impromptu meeting come break-out space for internal employees, and you never know, the company's next big opportunity might well come from it...


A key part of the reception area is of course the front desk. Your reception desk can be ordered via one our dedicated suppliers, or made bespoke as a custom unit, but keep in mind that it should be both practical in appearance and application. 


If you have a guest signing-in area, then make sure there's adequate space, and that it's also at a suitable height for the majority of people to write on comfortably. Small thought processes like these can lead to wide-spread improvements when concerning your office reception design.


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Office Chairs

Office chairs are a key component in the modern office, and ever-evolving in both design and appearance. They should be selected to provide comfort and flexibility for employees, whilst complimenting the interior design of an office space. It's important to remember that furnishings like these can stay in place for years to come, and so, should provide the ability to adapt and change to each individuals needs. Therefore, you should when possible, invest in quality for the purpose of longevity. 



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Office desk chairs


Practical, stylish & ergonomic office chairs


When it comes to office chairs, you have a number of options. You have your standard Operator and Task chairs, which are built to be workplace compliant due to their wide-range of adjustable components and features.


You then have executive chairs, maintaining the same attributes of the previous option, but these also allow you to deliver extra quality through premium design and higher-class materials.


Last but not least: visitors chairs, designed to operate for the functions of style and comfort. There are a host of colours, materials and finishes to choose from as expected, and it all depends on your purpose of use, the environment in which they will be placed in, and your overall budget constraints.


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Office Desking

Office desks can now incorporate a host of features, including: fold-away workstations, storage units, built-in power supplies and much more. We are now in the age of intelligent furniture design, and what better time to take advantage of it! Office desks can come as a singular component, or as part of a multi-employee installation, giving you widespread choice depending on the size of your workforce.



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Office chairs


Incorporate colour to give your office furniture an aesthetic kick


Office desks can also be divided into multiple areas for sound privacy through the use of screens, dividers and cabinets. It's best not to isolate employees too heavily though (i.e. cubicle style), as this can have a detrimental effect on some staff members, combating social interaction and team bonding opportunities.


Once again, you have a wide selection of choice here. Budget range desks offer a simple solution, whereas modular and cantilever offerings come with a wider range of colours and finishes. Executive once again provides the premium glam, and systems furniture allows you to cater to a larger sized workforce. It all depends on your needs and requirements.


One thing that's worth considering, is that office desks tend to take up a considerable amount of space, and so it might be nice to incorporate something other than a standard white-top finish. Perhaps a bit of colour or a wood effect to liven up the space...


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Meeting / Conference Furniture

The meeting room is an area we're all, no doubt familiar with. We tend to spend more time here than what we realise (and would like), so furniture choices have to be suitable. Meeting and conference furniture should be durable and steadfast, with a focus on ergonomics, especially for those meetings where you have to last the long-haul. Meeting room furniture also has to suit the space in which it's going in. If you only have a small space to work with but need to fit a larger number of individuals, then it might be best to go for a more compact option, as opposed to the larger custom tables you see in fancier boardrooms. Space is the key determiner here, and you have to tailor your design and furniture to fit the available area. 



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Meeting room office furniture


Smart, elegant & comfortable meeting room furniture


Conference seating can come in a couple of forms, with the option of incorporating flexi / detachable mini-tables, which are particularly effective for conference centers, colleges or university spaces. Furniture like this can also include stackable / nestable options, and are great for spaces where storage is at a premium. These options are rarely suitable for general purpose office environments, but you might find a need for them, especially if you have a larger presentation space which you heavily frequent.


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Breakout Areas - Café / Bistro

Breakout areas and informal meeting room spaces are a growing trend amongst the interiors industry. Spaces like these represent the opportunity to craft social hubs and idea incubation stations. If you choose the right furniture, it can not only provide your employees with an area to bond, have lunch and develop integral relationships, but you might well end up establishing a sense of company culture, including a more accessible and personable image, which you can then display to external stakeholders too.


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breakout office furniture


Relaxing & comfortable breakout spaces



Bistro and café furniture should focus on ergonomics and comfort, but the key focus here is hygiene, especially considering the environment in which the furniture is typically placed contains food and drink. Furniture of this sort will usually come in a variety of wood effect options / textures, but they can of course be upholstered with colourful leathers or fabrics to give you an extra visual kick too!


A suggestion: bistro tables could also incorporate smart elements like wireless charge pads and power / data points for extra convenience, and employees will no doubt find this most helpful.


General breakout furniture (like in the above image) can work out great as a general getaway, and furniture for spaces like these can come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. Combine your furnishings with recycled objects or a quirky background theme to make it truly stand out. 


Looking for more inspiration? Then take a look at our dedicated breakout area pages to find the right solution(s) for you:




So there you go, a short summary of some of the options that are available to you concerning modern office furniture. If you're in need of further assistance, or are perhaps looking for an overall commercial interior office fit-out solution, then feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you with our complimentary space planning service. Until next time.



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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