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Office desks are an essential part of the workplace. They can make or break a space aesthetically speaking. Choose the wrong style desk and your office may end up looking like something out of the 70s. Choose a style that's too fancy and you may end up having to pay through the roof for it! Our latest guide chairs is built to make the selection process much simpler, and to provide a clearer choice moving forward. 


If you're in need of a more comprehensive office furniture package, then try our Guide to...Office Furniture for a complete break-down on the wide variety of furniture types we have to offer. This next section showcases the variety of office desks that are available to purchase and the environments and budgets they are best suited for.



Budget Office Desks

Our budget desk range is the best option for those who are looking for a cost effective solution for their office environment. These desks are suitable for both personal office spaces and for multi-employee based installations. This type of desk can also be adapted to fit neatly together into compact areas where space is at a limitation. Particularly useful for smaller office spaces. There are various finishes available, and some desk configurations are also able to incorporate built-in storage features, all at an affordable price. Get a quote here.


Take a further look at our selection of Budget Office Desking here.


Budget office desking - SEC Interiors


Budget office desking - a cost effective solution


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Cantilever Office Desks

If you're looking for a mid-range solution that will balance cost and quality then our modular and cantilever range will be your best option. If you're looking to build a connected space for your team then this type of system will cater to workforce's both large and small. They also come in a wider range of finishes and styles than their budget counterparts do, and are by far our most popular range. Cantilever systems can be configured to sit upon / connect to various shelving and storage components, similar to what you see below. Get a quote here.


Take a further look at our selection of Cantilever Office Desking here.


Modular & cantilever office desking - SEC Interiors


Modular & cantilever office desking - stylish & popular



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Executive Office Desks

Desks that fall within the executive category are typically more expensive by default (understandably so) but the quality they exude in terms of style and build can help to make a strong impression to both internal and external stakeholders alike. Like most desk types, they can incorporate built-in power outlets, storage units and perhaps even a touch of biophilia (depending on your preference), as evidenced in the picture below. It's quirky features like this that set these desks apart, and they are usually found in personal office spaces and executive environments. Get a quote here.


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Executive office desking - SEC Interiors


Executive office desking - impressive yet pricey



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Systems Furniture

Systems furniture provides you with the ultimate flexibility of choice. These systems can be configured to suit a wide-variety of office spaces, and are a perfect companion for various storage elements.  They can be customised to allow for bench sharing - suitable for flexi-workers and hot desk scenarios, and due to the wide range of components that can be fitted the only limitation is your office set-up (and potentially, your imagination). Get a quote here.


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Systems furniture - SEC Interiors


Systems furniture - for individual spaces and team share areas



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Sit-Stand Desks

A new revolution has taken place in the workplace, and with it comes the emergence of the much talked about height adjustable, sit-stand desk. Numerous furniture companies have started to offer similar products, and with sitting being branded the new smoking we wouldn't be surprised to see if this trend continues to develop for many more years to come. We can offer you a variety of flexible desk types, including those built for educational establishments and standing desks suitable for the new age of the office worker.


Electric adjustable sit-stand desk - SEC Interiors


Electric adjustable sit-stand desk



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FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) has documented the various positives of  sit-stand desks:

  • They allow people of all sizes to work at a desk with comfort and without the need for a footrest
  • They suit the needs of a mobile workforce, allowing organisations flexibility in moving staff around
  • They encourage mobility at the workstation - users can move from one part of the desk to another
  • Ergonomically speaking, static postures are a source of musculoskeletal disorders and should be avoided at all costs - standing desks can help to combat this
  • They allow disabled people, especially wheelchair users to work at any workstation at any time without costly adjustments to the workstation



Manufacturing Standards - What to Look Out For:

The BSI Group documents that BS EN 15372:2008 is a three test level covering the different types of usage that contract tables (i.e. non-domestic desks) may be subjected to. The tests focus on the strength, durability and safety of the furniture and is a typical requirement for suppliers. Be sure to look out for this standard on the furniture suppliers web site and product page(s).


Looking for an interior office fit out solution to compliment your choice of office furniture? We would be happy to help. Feel free to get in touch and take advantage of our complimentary space planning service. Until next time.



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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