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Looking for a suitable and comfortable office chair that is both stylish and comfortable? It should be an easy task right, but when you're scouring through the internet - page after page it can become quite the chore! Well, our guide chairs is here to make the process of picking the perfect office furniture much simpler for you.



A key factor to keep in mind before you begin your search:


Ergonomics: An office chair should offer a high-level of comfort, after all, you're going to be spending a fair amount of time on it. Good ergonomics are crucial for maintaining employee health and productivity. You don't want unnecessary back pains emerging, which may well lead to time-off and a drop in output. 


  • FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) has some useful ergonomic guidelines regarding the requirements of office chairs: 
  • Blood circulation to the lower limbs should not be restricted
  • It should be easy to change and maintain a variety of postures with little muscular effort
  • Loading or stress on the spine is minimised at all times
  • The seat surface has sufficient friction to avoid slipping off and causing injury
  • For thermal comfort, fabrics should always be permeable
  • Compatibility with the worksurface is essential – especially concerning the height and the layout of available equipment



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If you're in need of a complete office furniture package, then try our Guide to...Office Furniture for a more comprehensive break-down on what we have on offer. The next section segments the typical types of office chair that are available, and the features they provide and the environments in which they work best. 



Operator & Task Chairs

Happy staff make for productive staff, and that's why all of the chairs we offer are chosen for their ergonomic design and comfort factors. Operator and task chairs have a range of adjustable features including height and back positioning, so they should be suitable for all of your employees. The chairs come in a range of different styles, finishes and fabrics, and we have a number of products that will cater to all budgets, so you're bound to find the right choice here. Get a quote here.

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Operator & task chairs offer comfort & style



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Executive Office Chairs

Executive chairs offer all of the features that Operator and Task chairs do, but this is where you can turn the style up! Executive chairs are typically designed for boardroom and meeting room environments, and offer a high-level of prestige in terms of design and aesthetics. Want to make a lasting impression among your customers and suppliers? Then these are the chairs to buy. Prestige comes at a price, and some of the offerings in this particular range may not be for all budgets. Get a quote here.

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Executive chairs provide prestige & comfort



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Visitor Chairs

Visitor chairs are typically placed in reception and waiting areas, and in some ways are the first furnishings that your customers and suppliers will come into contact with. Our visitor chairs are designed to work in tangent with our Operator and Task chair collection, so we can assure you that the design, style and comfort of the chair will not be compromised. Ergonomics are particularly important here, as those who are sitting on them will no doubt enter into meetings with a poor first impression of the company and what it's willing to invest in their external stakeholders. Get a quote here.


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Make a great first impression with your visitor chairs



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Manufacturing Standards - What to Look Out For:

The BSI Group documents that BS EN 1335-3 'specifies mechanical test methods for determining the stability, strength and durability of office work chairs. - Tests carried out according to this standard are intended to demonstrate the ability of the item to give satisfactory service in its intended environment. The tests are designed to be applied to an article of furniture that is fully assembled and ready for use. 


The tests consist of the application, to various parts of the item, of forces simulating normal functional use, as well as misuse that might reasonably be expected to occur (through general usage). The tests are designed to evaluate properties without regard to materials, design/construction or manufacturing processes.


The safety requirements are specified in EN 1335-2 and additional loads, masses and cycles for functional tests can be found in Annex C (informative).' When you are looking to purchase office chairs and furniture, make sure to look out for the compliance of these (or similar) officiated standards on the furniture suppliers website. Most legitimate suppliers should have this information freely available to download or view on the products web page.


Looking for an interior office solution to partner your choice of furniture? We would be happy to help. Feel free to get in touch and take advantage of our complimentary space planning service.



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