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For the latest SEC Interiors Guide to, we decided to put together a step by step guide explaining some of the various options available to you concerning office partitioning for refurbishment and fit out purposes. Hopefully we can help to make a complex topic a bit simpler, and in turn, give you a better idea of the kind of features you would like to see. 





Looking for Office Partitioning but don’t know where to start?

Follow the questions throughout the blog guide, eliminate what you may not want, let the images act as examples to show you what you could have installed, and hopefully, once you have reached your final destination, you can give us a call to help you consult, design and implement further (So let's begin!)


Office partitioning systems


A guide to office partitioning systems...





Step 1: Are You Looking For A Small Reconfiguration ‘or’ Full Office Fit Out?


  • Small Reconfiguration: Contact the SEC Interiors team and we will work with you to support the development / update of your existing partitioning whilst also advising on the correct product applications that will work best for you. Additionally - follow the guide further to see what alternate options are available...


  • Full Office Fit-Out - go to Step 2





Step 2: Is This Price Driven?


  • Yes: Then 50mm partitioning is the one for you. An aluminium frame surround (featured below) with a sound protection rating of 29db ‘or’ additionally, a basic 75mm SAA (satin anodized aluminium)frame with a quick gloss finish is also available.


  • No: Then 75mm - 100mm customisable partitioning is the one for you. This option presents you with adjustable acoustics, sound block plasterboard, double layering and more. Go to Step 3!


Partitioning with aluminium frame surround


An example of a cost effective solution ~ 50mm partitioning with aluminium frame surround. 
Limited customisability but price effective





Step 3: Do You Want Glazing?


  • No: Then standard 75mm is the one for you, with various colour changes, tape and jointing options available.


  • Yes: 
    • ​​​​First Option: Mid glazed / half glazed - For mid 'or' half glazed partitioning (featured in the image below) contact our SEC Interiors team and cite the options that have led you to here. We will then provide further details and the best options available to you
    • Second Option: Door height / full height glazed - Then read on...continue to Step 4 Silicone Jointed Question!


Mid glazed office partitioning system with manifestation


An example of 75-100mm glass partitioning ~ Featured: Mid / half glazed partitioning with added customisability





Step 4: Do You Want Silicone Jointed partitioning?


  • Yes: Full height, silicone jointed partitioning (as featured below) provides various options and is the best option for your office in terms of aesthetics and design!


Full height glass partitioning with branded manifestations


An example of full-height silicone jointed partitioning with custom manifestations



  • No: Then your final option is 75mm partitioning with glazing. This option can be configured further but has a more finite selection of added optionals...


Contact our team, cite the various options that you have worked through and we will then discuss and develop with you to deliver and finalise the ultimate vision for your office...





Step 5:  Is Sound An Issue?

Sometimes the replacement of office partitioning isn't always the most efficient and cost-effective answer. Acoustics play a major part in creating equilibrium and dynamic balance in an office area. If sound is reverberating through the weak spots in your office, then another installable option that the SEC Interiors team can implement is the use of Saint Gobain Ecophon's free hanging ceiling rafts and baffles (pictured below) to reduce sound impact and volume levels...


Ecophon sound attenuation baffles


Ecophon sound attenuation baffles ~ Image credit: Saint Gobain Ecophon



  • They help to increase speech and conversational understanding
  • Promote comfortable listening volumes
  • Reduce outside office volume levels and more...


Get in touch below to see how we can implement Ecophon’s products to fully optimise your offices.



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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