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For part two of our latest SEC Interiors Guide we decided to put together a guide explaining some of the various options available to you regarding industrial partitioning for fit out and refurbishment purposes. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of the kind of features you could have built into your installation, whether it be either specialist or general in application.



Part One of the SEC Interiors Guide to...Office Partitioning can be found here!



Looking for Industrial Partitioning but don’t know where to start? Follow the questions throughout the blog guide, eliminate what you may not want and let the images act as examples to show you what you could have installed, and hopefully, once you have reached your final destination, you can give us a call to help you consult, design and implement further (so let's begin!)



Step 1: What Is The Partitioning Going To Be Used For?


Labs,  Clean Rooms or  Specialist Environments?


  • a) Yes - Get in touch and we will work with you to support and advise on the correct product applications that will work best for you! These are often complex installations that aren't as simple as choosing Partitioning A or Partitioning B.


  • Additionally - follow the guide further to see the other options and inspiration that might help you to achieve your objectives...


Partitioning for Warehouse Office, Security and General Applications - go to Step 2!



Step 2: Is This Price Driven?


  • a) Yes - Then single skin steel partitioning is the one for you. This represents a highly economical choice whilst not compromising on the build quality and comes in three options: mesh, solid or glazed.

    This system is a popular choice for warehouse fit outs because it has:
    • Reasonable customisability, excellent build quality and price effective!
    • A selection of basic primary paint finishes including grey, sand and sandstone
    • Custom paint finishes/colours to suit your company branding & fit out colour scheme
    • Accessories including: drop-down and sliding hatches, louvres, vents and locking systems


If glazing is desired then there is also the option to have mid or half glazing installed! See an example from our project for Autoglym in Letchworth Garden City below.


Single skin steel partitioning


An example of single skin steel partitioning with added glazing option.
See it featured in our project for Autoglym



  • b) No - We appreciate that your installation will be cost effective but if "budget is no option" then it can then present you with many options:
    • Adjustable acoustics
    • Further colour choices
    • Double layering for insulation benefits!



The first element to assess if price isn't an issue, is whether sound is!



Step 3: Is Sound An Issue?


  • a) No - First Option: single skinned partitioning may be customised to work better for you! Single skinned steel partitioning with glazing may be configured to work best - give our team a call to see how we can help make it work for you
    • Second Option: Standard double skinned partitioning will be the alternative for you - call our SEC Interiors team and cite the options that have led you to here. We will then provide further details and the best options available to you for your install.


  • b) Yes - Sound is an Issue! Then double skinned steel partitioning with further customisable options is for you. Supreme acoustic partitioning is a viable option and is built specifically for areas where low noise levels are required, such as audio testing facilities. 



Step 4: Double Skinned Steel Partitioning


  • A highly customisable option that is built with two layers of sheet steel and a layer of acoustic insulation inbetween. This option is suitable for:
    • Warehouse offices
    • Clean rooms
    • Storage areas specialising in chemical and food based applications


Once again, this option comes in three primary colours - sand, sandstone and grey (grey being the most popular choice of colour for industrial installations) and over '100' additional paint finishes/colours can be applied to the partitioning!


Alternate types of perspex and glass are also available, including double glazed for increased thermal properties.


Double skin steel partitioning system


An example of standard double skinned steel partitioning.
Hghly customisable, but also highly expensive; built with specialist applications in mind!



Get in touch, cite the options you have worked through and we will then discuss and develop with you to finalise the ultimate vision for your project...



Step 5:  Additional Examples:


Composite Partitions

Key features:

  • Composite partitioning is a fully demountable, relocateable partitioning system
  • It is primarily built around a 50mm aluminium frame section with interlocking plasterboard panels
  • It is very cost effective and flexible in terms of layout, design and implementation


Composite partitioning system


Composite partitioning featured at SEC Interiors ‘Coca-Cola’ project



Wire Mesh Partitioning

Wire mesh partitioning systems offer an ideal solution when a well-ventilated, secure area is required.


A high security option is also available and particularly relevant to the storage of wines, spirits, tobacco, aerosols, data/hard drive points or bonded areas.


Wire mesh partitioning systems


Wire mesh partitioning ~ Image source: CanCan Installations Inc.



Well there you have it. Identify the steps that have lead you to your end point and then give us a call to see how we can implement these various product options to further optimise your warehouse, general installation or refurb...



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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