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For the latest SEC Interiors Guide to, we decided to focus on the potential eco-friendly benefits that our interiors installations can provide for our customers. Our primary focus topic will showcase the use of efficient and cost effective LED interior lighting for commercial applications.


But SEC doesn't just stop at efficient lighting. Oh no! Our interiors projects can also utilise effective practices such as the reuse of recycled materials including: plasterboards and carpet tiles toreduce carbon foot print and wastage, and also the installation of natural air ventilation systems to extend overall recyclability and air quality as well.


Just a few ideas on how SEC Interiors can help benefit both your business and your brand perception...



The Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting...

So what can LED lighting do for you and your company you say? Well, it can greatly benefit organisations of all sizes and needs both economically and environmentally, but there's much more to it than that, (oh yes!)


We thought the best way to provide information on commercial LED lighting, would be to do an interviewwith one of the UK's leading manufacturers and distributors, NET LED Lighting.


The company's clients include the likes of the Big Yellow Storage Company, The British Library and McDonalds to name but a few, and they are a market leading distributor of commercial LED lighting - supplying UK national wholesalers and UK independents. So read on and enjoy....



Our interview with Christopher Dawes, Sales Director of NET LED Lighting


Firstly, could you give us an understanding of who 'NET LED Lighting' are and what you do?


NET LED is one of the fastest growing suppliers of commercial LED lighting to electrical wholesalers throughout the UK



For those that may not know, what is LED lighting?


It is lighting for commercial and domestic applications using Light Emitting Diode technology, which are electronic components which give out light but have much lower electricity consumption and much longer life than conventional forms of lighting. The Nobel Prize for Physics was recently picked up by the inventors that made commercial LED lighting happen!



A Brief History of LED's


Professors Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the first blue LEDs in the early 1990's, enabling a new generation of bright, energy-efficient white lamps, as well as colour LED screens Source: BBC News UK, 2014


Expert Opinion:


"With 20% of the world's electricity used for lighting, it's been calculated that optimal use of LED lighting could reduce this to 4%" Source: Dr Frances Saunders | President, Institute of Physics


So how exactly can it be incorporated into the commercial or office space environment?


LED Lighting is highly versatile and can be used in all applications where conventional lighting is used, as well as additional applications such as strips along shelves or underneath surfaces due to its small size, low voltage, and controllability.


LED lighting systems in a reception space


Recessed LED lighting systems at our project for Monarch Airlines: B134 Reception


Can LED's be used for feature lighting as well as standard purposes; e.g. mood changes?


Yes, very much so, because LED lighting can come in any colour and is also dimmable and being an electronic component is more easily controllable than conventional gas-type bulbs.


Are there any potential economic benefits for installing LED lighting in the workspace? 


Many; most particularly reduced electricity running cost (typically 65%) and also reduced maintenance costs in terms of labour and product recycling due to longer life expectancy (typically 3 times).


What kind of organisations have you worked with before? How have they benefitted overall from LED installations within their operations?


We've supplied LED lighting to a range of businesses in a vast number of different applications, from restaurants and constabularies to storage and on ferries. LED lighting is so versatile and we offer solutions to fit most applications. As long as a company is interested in reducing their energy spend and carbon emissions, LED lighting will work for them.


So which organisations do you feel could benefit the most from LED installation; your website mentions organisations such as galleries and libraries, why could they benefit in particular? 


Any organisation which has lighting – which is probably all of them! Libraries and galleries benefit from LED lighting as it emits no UV – an important factor when protecting valuable artworks. Our products are also well suited to food and catering applications as they do not incorporate glass or any toxic chemicals, like lead and phosphor that is usually found in traditional fluorescent technology.


LED office lighting systems


LED office lighting systems


So, after viewing your website, it seems LED installation is not necessarily just for larger organisations solely, it looks like it can also benefit smaller businesses in terms of affordability and cost as well? How can it make a difference for them?


Regardless of the size of an organisation, LED lighting will reduce the running cost and carbon emissions caused by lighting, typically by 60%, which is a welcome saving in any organisation.


What is the most common piece of feedback you receive from clients overall?


Delighted by our customer service and support as well as their improved light quality, reliability and instant savings on their electricity bills.


Interested in investing in LED lighting?


So there you have it, a number of great reasons for companies to invest in LED commercial lighting. As well as the economic savings LED lighting can bring to an organisation, it can also reduce a company's overall carbon and environmental impact as well, promoting corporate and ethical responsibility in tandom with the major cost savings to be had over traditional lighting sources.


At SEC Interiors we pride ourselves on always partnering with those who offer us the option to use:

  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • And environmentally friendly materials, products and solutions.


So next time you consider any office fit out or interior refurbishment work, give SEC Interiors a call to see how we can not only offer you a unique and eco-friendly service, but also one that will utilise our selected suppliers products to ensure the best return both economically and environmentally for your business going forward. Whether you're a smaller organisation or a larger one, SEC Interiors can assist you!


Many thanks to Christopher Dawes, Sales Director and Jack Cooper, Marketing Manager at NET LED Lighting for their contributions to the latest SEC Interiors Guide to...


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