SEC Group - GDPR Compliant

SEC Group Confirms GDPR Compliance


As part of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, the SEC Group can confirm it will be compliant from 25th May 2018.


The company already adheres to existing data protection laws, however it has gone through a detailed data audit process in order to identify the personal data it processes and has documented this processing to ensure it is able to manage the privacy of its customers, suppliers, employees and other business contacts.


In order to help its clients, the SEC Group has produced a lenghty FAQ blog which can be found here: GDPR and the SEC Group: Frequently Asked Questions


As part of its GDPR compliance, it has appointed Dean Kahl as its Data Protection Representative, who should be used as a first point of contact for any data protection queries.


If you have any questions or concerns relating to your personal data the SEC Group may process, you may find the GDPR and the SEC Group: Frequently Asked Questions blog useful, where you will also find a data query form.