Saint-Gobain Isover

Drive in racking system project

Installation of a high-density, drive-in racking system at Saint-Gobain Isover’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn, Cheshire, maximising overall storage capacity and reducing the need for costly, third party storage requirements...


Client Background:

Isover, part of the Saint-Gobain group manufactures a wide-range of sustainable, high-performing thermal and acoustic insulation products and systems for buildings, industry and marine markets.


Saint-Gobain Isover



Runcorn, Cheshire


Project Summary:

Installation of a drive-in racking system, maximising storage capacity and reducing the need for costly, third party storage...

Cheshire drive-in pallet racking system
Cheshire Drive-in racking installation
Warehouse racking safety netting

Design and installation of a high-density drive-in racking system


Isover came to SEC Storage seeking a warehouse space planning solution that would help them to expand capacity in order to meet the needs of future growth. Isover’s SKUs were previously double-stacked and loosely stored in an unracked area of the warehouse, and once the existing capacity of this area had been maxed out any excess stock would have to be held in an off-site storage facility - driving up operational costs.

After completing a detailed product analysis and warehouse appraisal at Isover’s manufacturing facility based in Runcorn, Cheshire, SEC Storage found that due to the nature of our client’s SKU type (insulation materials) being similar in both dimension and weight that a drive-in racking system would represent the best possible solution in terms of maximising storage capacity. 


Drive-in pallet racking systems work on a (FILO) first-in-last-out basis, making them perfect for storing large volumes of identical product types. The proposed solution was to be installed in this previously unracked area of the warehouse, optimising the use of the facility’s available footprint by installing a system that would greatly enhance Isover’s overall operation.


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Cheshire Drive-in pallet racking system
Drive-in pallet racking installation in Cheshire

Removing the need for costly, third-party storage


To commence the project, we needed to make allowances to remove a number of full-height mesh dividers positioned in the proposed installation area in order to enable the installation of the new system. Once this was complete, we then installed multiple blocks of drive-in racking capable of storing 11 no. pallets deep. 


The drive-in lanes measure 2,200mm wide, upright to upright, and specified lanes are also capable of storing products 5 pallets high where the height of the warehouse roof allows for it. The overall capacity of all combined bays allows for the storage of over a 1,000 pallet positions, representing a massive increase in capacity over the original bulk stacking system.


Due to the flexibility of the system, the drive-in blocks can be further customised and expanded upon in order to meet future demands or changing product lines.


This solution from SEC Storage has allowed Isover to greatly increase their on-site storage capacity, whilst providing them with a system that will greatly reduce their need to rely on costly third-party storage. 



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