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SEC Storage is delighted to announce that it has become an Official Distributor of the ROS Rack Repair System. The status comes as we have looked at ways of minimising cost andoperational disruptions for our clients when it comes to repairing pallet racking damage. The ROS Rack Repair System is able to deal with one of the most common damage types; upright repairs!


Here's your Frequently Asked Questions on the repair process...




What is the ROS Rack Repair System?

The ROS Rack Repair System is a revolutionary method of repairing pallet racking upright damage. By using precision-formed dies and hydraulic pressure, the system re-profiles the pallet racking post back to its original form, with out any loss of strength or form. It was created by IKEA Holland, who were tired of constantly replacing pallet racking uprights using the traditional methods of unloading racking and installing new parts. A structural engineer, Hans Slavenburg, devised the solution. Following over 5000 repairs for IKEA, the system was patented for use across Europe and North America. 150,000 repairs are now carried out annually!



How does it work?

More information can be found on our dedicated ROS Rack Repair page but in brief, it works like this:


Step 1

Assess the damage. As a general rule of thumb, if it is an Amber repair as per the SEMA inspection guideliness, the upright can be repaired. If it is Red, 5% CANNOT be repaired. If there is material missing, a crack, split, hole or tear, it cannot be repaired. If it is dented, it can!


Step 2

A bespoke, precision-engineered die is secured to the damaged upright, and hydraulic pressure reprofiles the post three dimensionally; the front face, side walls and corners will be re-profiled.


Step 3

Hydraulic pressure is removed slowly and the upright is now repaired! It will have reformed to its original shape and form, with no loss of strength, fit or function. Guaranteed! Check out the video below for the ROS Rack Repair System in action.



See the system in action via our video feature below!




Is the ROS Rack Repair System safe?

Yes! In 2011 the ROS system was certified by DEKRA to the vitally important British and European standard EN 15635 "The Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment". This standard replaces older guidelines from when the storage equipment industry was self governing. In 2008 the British and European standards come into affect.


There are also other approvals in place plus companies such as Ikea, Coca Cola, Kuehne + Nagel, Volkswagen, Bosch and Philips use the system. Find out more by clicking here.



Who are DEKRA that gave the EN 15635 standard?

DEKRA are the largest in Europe (and 3rd largest in the world) product testing, research and certification body with a multi-billion turnover employing more than 30,000 people. You can find out more here:



Is the system insured and do you offer a guarantee?

Most definitely. The system in the UK holds insurace from Lloyds of London with cover including £10million Employers Liability, £5million Products Liability and £5million Public Liability!


There is also a lifetime guarantee! Providing your racking is kept in good condition and is inspected and maintained in accordance to EN 15635, we guarantee it will never suffer a performance failure.



How many times can a damaged upright be ROS repaired?

Two times. Although all tests have indicated it could be repaired up to 8 times, the ROS system, in order to maintain the EN 15635 standard, can only be repaired twice.



Will a ROS damaged upright repair be cheaper than traditional methods?

Possibly! There is a minimum order quantity of 10 repairs at a cost of £125+VAT per repair. Each additional repair is £125+VAT. This may not sound as cost effect as traditional methods when considering repairs under 10 in quantity, HOWEVER there are additional benefits.


Up to 25 repairs can be carried out in 1 day. This is versus 8 of a traditional method of replacing the upright. Traditional methods can cost up to £450+VAT per upright, when you consider that a SEIRS installation team, forklift, scissor lift and materials may be required.


But with the ROS Rack Repair System, there is next to no operational disruption:

  • It takes only a team of 2 to carry out the repair!
  • There is no need to offload the pallet racking - the repair works under full load
  • There is no additional plant required - no forklift, no scissor lift
  • Each repair takes about 20 minutes
  • No waiting for materials - lead time is 1 - 2 weeks!


So, in short, a ROS repair service may be cheaper than traditional repair methods, but we can guarantee it will cause less disruption. Please Contact Us to find out more. We will be honest, and provide the most economical cost and the right solution for your repairs, whether this is ROS or replacement of pallet racking uprights.



My current pallet racking supplier/manufacturer has said this is unsafe and will result in weaker uprights. Is this true?

Absolutely not. The ROS Rack Repair System has been independently tested by DEKRA and other world-leading institutes. It is officially certified to meet the British and European standard EN 15635. This shows that it is compliant with all relevant standards and DOES NOT compromise the loading capacity of the racking.


The cynics amongst us will say that the racking manufacturers are dismissive of the rack repair system as it does not provide them opportunity to supply spare pallet racking materials. But they may have also not tested the system themselves.


Just remember, the ROS system is certified to EN 15635, the same standards the racking manufacturers have to follow and it has been independently tested. It is quicker, greener and more than likely cheaper!



UPDATE: 5-11-2014


Our organisation operates to, and has external audits by SESS and SEMA and to the standards of these organisations. Has the ROS Rack Repair System been reviewed by them?

Whilst these systems have been reviewed, SEMA have not provided any comment. We believe this is due to a conflict of interest, as they represent the manufacturers of the storage industry. It is in their best interests for the members to provide new materials for repairs. This process effectively competes with SEMA and their members. SESS inspect to SEMA Guidelines, therefore are effectively one and the same, in terms of standards.


The important thing to remember is the ROS system is certified to BS EN 15635 standards, which is the same standards SEMA (and therefore SESS) work to. This accreditation was granted by DEKRA, Europe's largest independent testing & certification body (and third largest in the world).



Once a frame has been damaged there must be an element of stress and fatigue on the metal itself even though the profile has been returned to its original design shape. You state the repair is guaranteed but who by? Have the racking installation companies reviewed the system and given their approval?

On a similar nature to SEMA, the racking manufacturershave likewise not provided comment. But they have not said anything detrimental to the system, as it clearly works and is accredited to BS EN 15635 standards. When a pallet racking upright is manufactured, it is cold rolled into shape from a flat piece of metal, therefore changing the shape of the original steel. When the upright is re-profiled using hydraulic pressure, this process re-compresses the steel and is effectively re-creating the original manufacture process. During testing by DEKRA (and other organisations as per our website/blog) they actually found the upright exceeded the original strength.


The only point an upright cannot be repaired is if there is material missing or serious fatigue, i.e. fully bent/flat. All the ROS repair teams are certified inspectors and we will only charge for repairs carried out, following the completion certificate being issued.


The guarantee is offered by ROS-UK. This is also backed-up by industry leading levels of insurance from Lloyd's of London. This is exactly the same as any racking manufacturer or distributor, in that the guarantee is offered by them and their insurance providers.



Can my own staff be trained to use this system and still have all the guarantees?

Unfortunately not. In order to maintain the BS EN 15635 accreditation, this has to be carried out by the certified repairers.



I have just completed repairs to my racking but would welcome an opportunity to see this in action if it were possible to be arranged?

There are 2 options available. The first is we would be happy to arrange a presentation by SEC Storage and ROS, which will enable you to answer any questions and also see the demonstration video (which is available on our website).


The second option is what is offered and very commonplace. If you have a range of repairs that need to be carried out, these can be ordered. ROS will attend site and perform the first repair free as a demonstration. If you are not happy with the final outcome, they will leave site and you will not be charged. If you are happy, they will carry out the remaining repairs and you will be charged. Please remember minimum attendance is 10 repairs (£1250 / £125 per repair).


Post by Dean Kahl

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