Multi-tier picking structure project

Rack supported multi-tier picking structure, combined with varying beam level size solution over 9,390 sq/ft area maximises overall storage capacity at Rolls-Royce plc warehouse in Winsford...


Client Background

Rolls-Royce plc designs, develops, manufactures and services integrated power systems for use in the air, on land and at sea. They are one of the world’s leading producers of aero engines for large civil aircraft and corporate jets and are the second largest provider of defence aero engines and services in the world.


Rolls-Royce plc


Winsford, Cheshire

Project Summary:

Design and installation of a rack supported multi-tier picking structure, combined with varying beam level size solution over a 9,390 sq/ft area...

multi tier picking structure rolls royce plc winsford
Multi Tier Picking Structure Rolls Royce Plc Cheshire

“The main gains from the project are better space utilisation, creating much needed capacity for new projects coming through without growth of the footprint whilst being able to offer better service to our customers. Improved segregation and organisation of customer held inventories was important to us. To date, stock taking activity is 25% improved with regards to time and resources deployed.


It should also be recognised (and in no way underestimated) that, as a customer facing business where selling our capability and services really matters, the stores project has added significant value to our customer’s experience on site.”


John Lawrenson

Head of Production, Rolls-Royce plc

Longspan shelving systems - tote boxes
Pallet rack supported structure

A rack-supported, multi-tier picking structure with varying beam levels


Rolls-Royce plc's warehouse facility in Winsford, Cheshire is currently split into two key areas for the isolation of independent contracts and their relevant product parts. In order to free up space in the secondary storage area to fulfil an upcoming contract order, they needed to expand their warehouse storage capabilities without having to increase their overall warehouse footprint.


Rolls-Royce approached a number of storage solutions providers to tackle the challenge at hand, but found that SEC once again, following completion of a smaller storage installation for Rolls-Royce in Filton, would be able to deliver not just a unique space saving solution, but a systematic analysis that enabled SEC to optimise their overall warehouse materials handling operation as well. To do this, SEC Storage conducted a detailed space planning appraisal, finding that a rack supported multi-tier picking structure would be the most viable solution to the problem at hand.


This would maximise the current available floor space whilst further enhancing the facility’s overall storage capacity. To construct the multi-tier, SEC made allowances to provide and install multiple bays of adjustable warehouse pallet racking over the 9,390 sq/ft area to act as its foundation. The first tier of the structure sits upon this, with multiple runs of adjustable long-span shelving installed along the rack supported walkways on top.


The new multi-tier structure creates an expansive area that can now incorporate over 6000 tote box units in total. In addition, a multitude of beam level sizes were installed throughout the pallet racking runs in order to store the various sized products and parts that Rolls-Royce currently utilise.


All products in the required secondary storage area were then relocated to the multi-tier, freeing up the much needed space for the new contracts additional storage needs. Every detail in this installation was scrupulously looked upon in order to deliver the most effective warehouse storage solution to the company, and the total storage space and picking operation at the facility has now been greatly optimised thanks to SEC’s unique, adaptive and innovative installation.



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