Regent's University London

Regents University London - Lecture Theatre Refurb​

Project Brief

Refurbishment of a lecture theatre and student cinema; upgrading the existing facilities and helping to rebrand the university...


Client Background

Regent's University London is a private non-profit university located in London, United Kingdom. Regent's University is only the second institution in the UK that was granted the status of a private university.


Regents University London


Regent's Park, London

Project Summary

Refurbishment project undertaken to upgrade lecture theatre facilities; helping to rebrand the university...

University cinema refurbishment
London university cinema refurbishment

"SEC Interiors are one of the small number of contractors on the College Approved List that can be allowed to carry out works on site without rigorous supervision. The finished quality of works is always equal and in many instances superior to the required standard"


Nick Turner

Director of Facilities

London university lecture room refurbishment
Higher education institute fit out

Refurbishment of a London based University's lecture theatre and cinema space


Traditional tender procurement against client schedule of works and drawings, acting as a Principal Contractor.


Initial project works involved the stripping out of existing lighting, ceiling and flooring materials.


The original lecture theatre was converted into two smaller lecture rooms for better space utilisation.


New lighting, ceiling tiles and step flooring were installed in the theatre and lecture rooms along with decorating works.


Refurbishment works in the corridors also included the installation of new ceiling tiles, lighting, flooring and new doors.

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