Redfits (Redfit Ltd)

Pallet racking and warehouse barrier installation

The design and installation of an adjustable pallet racking system, complete with warehouse barriers at REDFITS newly relocated distribution centre based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.


Client Background:

Founded in 2013, REDFITS originally sourced and supplied third party recognised products. They are now an established and trusted global brand owner and retailer.





Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire



Warehouse Design & Installation, Adjustable Pallet Racking, Warehouse Barriers

Adjustable pallet racking installation in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Adjustable pallet racking with abridged connecting bays
Protective warehouse barrier installation

The right fit for REDFIT


REDFITS is a relatively new warehouse and distribution centre based at Prologis Park in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. REDFITS originally approached SEC Storage back in January 2019, when they required assistance in determining the suitability of properties proposed by our network of trusted real estate advisors, making use of our warehouse storage appraisal service.


Founded in 2013, REDFITS originally sourced and supplied third party recognized products, they are now an established and trusted global brand owner and retailer. As the success of the business has grown, so too has the demand for their products, and as a result of this, they required a larger storage facility that would house a wide and growing range of SKUs.


Following the initial recommendation, we discussed suitable solutions for the storage of their wide-range of SKUs. REDFITS were originally looking at a different site to that of Prologis Park, and so various options were initially considered, including a potential VNA (very narrow aisle) racking system and a multi-tier mezzanine structure. However, following the confirmed acquisition of the facility at Prologis Park in Hemel Hempstead, it was agreed that an adjustable pallet racking system would provide the most appropriate level of storage moving forward

Warehouse tubular barrier installation
Pallet racking installation
Pallet racking and flexi forklift truck

An adjustable racking system complete with warehouse barriers


Following the order of the project and a detailed site survey by our Project Delivery Team, work began on-site, and, within a number of weeks, the new adjustable pallet racking system was installed and ready to go. SEC Storage also made allowances for the supply and installation of labelling systems along with multiple warehouse barriers, which were installed throughout the warehouse in order to protect the racking from potential forklift truck collisions.


The resulting solution from SEC Storage has helped REDFITS to maximise their warehouse cube, providing them with the capacity to not only store their existing range of SKUs but to also take on more SKUs moving forward.


SEC Interiors, our interiors division has also been working with REDFITS on the interior fit-out of the company's new office, located on the first floor of the facility, and we look forward to developing this solution further in order to create a modern workspace with a mixture of furnishings and features that will help to enhance the team's overall working environment.



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