Office Colour Psychology:
What Colour Scheme Does Your Office Need?


Colour is a key component in many aspects of modern life, and not just in the workplace. From the colour of your car or phone to the shirt and socks you put on in the morning, we all make decisions - whether conscious or subconsciously - as to what we want to see and how it makes us feel.


As office fit-out experts, we know that office colour psychology not only affects the way your staff work and how productive they can be, but it also affects how visitors perceive and evaluate your business, so it is essential to choose the appropriate colour scheme to adequately present yourself to both internal and external audiences alike. 

What is office colour psychology? - Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

What is Office Colour Psychology?


Office colour psychology focuses on our subconscious reactions to various colours in the office environment, which can influence behaviour, emotion and state of being. Certain colours can help to improve our productivity and well-being, whilst others work against us, severing focus and interrupting our general flow.


This blog explores the primary colours, and their overall impact - for better or worse - on the human psyche.



Image - NTI Head Office in Leiden, Holland - Liong Lie Architects

Office colour psychology: what colour scheme does your office need?



Represents purity and cleanliness; a safe bet, but sometimes safe can equate to being boring and uninspiring (who wants that?) Equally, it's important to appreciate the crispness and clarity it can bring to a space.


White is best used on kitchen break-out areas and wide open spaces that require a nice glossy finish. But remember, keep it to a minimum! You don't want your interior to look too much like the dentist's surgery now. Not the best way to attract clientele.



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Office colour psychology - white



Emits feelings of authority and control, but it can also absorb natural light, so be careful! It can function as a rather mysterious colour with a sinister undertone, but on the other hand, it can create a space of luxurious elegance when used as a complementary accent (as pictured right).


Whatever you do, mix it up with a varied palette; you don't want your offices looking like the Grim Reaper's HQ now, do you?



Image - Interior Design / The Lux Home

Office colour psychology - black



Is the colour of royalty, luxury and ambition. Purple represents that suave touch, with an air of mystery and magic: Abracadabra! However, purple is also deemed to be quite artificial, due mainly to its lack of appearance in nature.


Light purple is said to conjure up romantic thoughts, whereas dark purple represents the opposite - doom and gloom! Good thing our interior design department chose a blend of both for our brand colour scheme. Magical!



Image - A clean and focused office fit-out completed for Monarch Airlines 

Office colour psychology - purple



Represents balance and growth. A colour which reconnects us to our natural surroundings. The best way to introduce green into your office space is via green walls and potted plants.


Just keep an eye on the maintenance side of things. Mini jungles are great and all, but you don't want Tarzan swinging out at you! That's not good for the old ticker...



Image - Foliage Concepts, WordPress

Office colour psychology - green
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Often associated with depth and stability, it communicates a genuine and reliable outlook whilst boosting relaxation and intellectual thought (ah, so soothing - just don't let it act as an excuse for your staff to nod off now).


Blue also symbolises trust, represents heaven, and is beneficial to the body and the mind. Blimey, what can't blue do? 



Image - See how our office interior design service helped to bring about this award-winning project for LK Printers Ltd 

Office colour psychology - blue



Can invoke passion and raise mental energy flow, however, it can be overpowering, potentially leading to headaches. Red seems to work best for furnishings, acting as a highlight whilst giving interior spaces a nice bit of flavour and spice.


Apparently, it also enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure; helping you to work up a sweat. Looks like there's no need to go to the gym now. Thanks, red! 



Image - Bridge Partners via Coel UK

Office colour psychology - red



Is said to be one of the best colour for areas of teamwork, as its bright tone can raise positivity and happiness (smiley faced employees - always the goal!) 


Yellow stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy, but it also apparently reminds people of food, funnily enough. No wonder I was feeling hungry when I was writing this section!




Image - MyOffice Co-Working Space, Bangkok via Blog E-Office

Office colour psychology - yellow



In need of encouragement or mental stimulation? Then look no further, orange is your go-to guy. It's a colour that is highly accepted amongst youths and represents happiness, success and determination.


Orange is a highly visible colour and thus attracts attention with ease; eye-catching! Use it to highlight the most important elements of your design, similar to what these guys have done below. Be more orange we say.




Image - SEC Interiors project for Axalta Coating Systems Ltd Project 

Office colour psychology - orange

What colour should I paint my office at work? 


It is recommended to paint your office space with colours such as white, green and blue. White represents purity and cleanliness and serves as a good foundation for any working or living space. Greens connect us to our natural environment, representing balance and growth, and blues help to boost relaxation and intellectual thought. These are the safest colours for office paint.


Stronger colours, such as black, red and yellow, etc. can be introduced into an office space, but it is recommend that these are used only as an accent, e.g. on a feature wall or in a breakout space, as they can prove to be overwhelming when used en masse. 



So, there you have it guys, the astounding power of colour and what it can do to your office. We hope the blog inspires you to go wild!


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