Piccadilly Greetings Group Ltd

Multi-tier mezzanine, shelving systems and pallet racking install

Supply, delivery and installation of multi-tier mezzanine, shelving systems and pallet racking bays amidst 19,000 sq/ft area in Hemel Hempstead...


Client Background:

Piccadilly Greetings Group Ltd has been in business for over 25 years and in that time the company has grown to become one of the UK's leading greetings card publishers and manufacturers. Their modern purpose built 70,000 sq/ft facility in Hemel Hempstead houses their offices, creative studio, warehouse and factory.


Piccadilly Greetings Group Ltd


Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Project Summary:

Supply, delivery and installation of a multi-tier mezzanine, complete with shelving systems and a pallet racking installation amidst a 19,000 sq/ft warehouse...

Rack supported multi tier mezzanine structure
Longspan shelving systems

"We needed to expand our existing facility to cope with current demand and future growth, but wanted to take the opportunity to re-assess our entire storage operation. The multi-tier racking system and pallet racking from SEC Storage has not only enabled us to increase capacity significantly, but streamline our operation and accommodate future growth."


Kushal Kaneria

Business Development Director

Adjustable pallet racking installation
Pallet gate loading systems - multi tier


Knowing that they would need to have additional equipment installed, they approached SEC Storage and a number of providers to assist in the design of the new storage systems. However, due to SEC Storage's unique approach, it provided Piccadilly Greetings the opportunity to re-assess their entire storage methods and operation, not just the new warehouse.


SEC Storage first set about maximising the cube, primarily looking at the height of the building. Significant gains could be made by implementing a multi-tier rack supported picking structure, allowing for an increase in capacity in the picking operation and greater space for the pallet racking.


The multi-tier has the ability to store over 38,000 boxes of product in a floor space area of just 3,921 sq/ft, although the effective area is over 11,500 sq/ft based on the multi-tier system.


Once both phases of the pallet racking is installed and the articulated materials handling is employed, the total pallet capacity will total over 850 positions. The pallet racking, which has two different loads, can store either three or four pallets in the 3300mm clear entry, ensuring that space is fully utilised in each bay.


Space utilisation is therefore expected to be at between 90 and 100% between the multi-tier system and pallet racking.

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